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    Wouldn't it be awesome if Cortana could help you play your game?

    Since Cortana is going to be on the XBOX ONE, she can know what game you are currently playing. She could know where you are in your game. She could tell if you're having trouble.

    So maybe you could pick up your phone and say, "Cortana. I'm completely lost on this level. I keep going around in circles. Which way should I go?"

    And then she'll talk to you personally through your phone.

    I mainly say through your phone because I kind of feel that if she does it through the XBOX ONE it will take away from the game a bit. But if it's from your phone or tablet or PC while you're playing Halo 5 on your XBOX ONE, then the Cortanas seem separate. ...assuming that she's still alive of course.
    04-14-2014 10:05 PM

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