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    Hi all. I'm normally the one cruising the forums for help because there are so many helpful, smart people on here but I have noticed something with the new update that I haven't seen specifically posted yet. It's hard for me to believe that this hasn't been posted yet, but my searches have come up empty. Mods, if this is somewhere, please feel free to remove this post.

    Something I have noticed with the developer preview is the previous list of apps allowed to run I the background is now reset, as is the knowledge base for voice functions that are a holdover from the previous 8.0 TellMe feature. Basically, every time you boot up an app for the first time, there is a chance it's going to set itself as a background task and that drains battery, if only slightly. The issue is that these are potentially stacking up upon one another for people who are unaware that that things they have denied in the past are now running, as the "background tasks" settings menu is now in the battery sense app.

    Example: I have no interest in letting Yelp run in the background, I use it occasionally to supplement my searches and do not even pin it/have a live tile running. In "8.0", I blocked the yelp app from doing things in the background in the settings area like we all have done in the past. I received the Preview, played around and used Cortana to search for Deli's and I opened up Yelp in the related apps results to see reviews on a Deli, like I have done in the past. However, when I found out the background tasks were now in the battery sense app, I went in there to make sure some new apps I had downloaded were not running in the background and there it was, the Yelp app with the word "allowed" next to it, among other apps that I have sorted in the past.

    On top of that, I use Flixster to look up movie times, and in the past I used the default "tell me" voice feature (holding down the windows capacitive button in 8.0) and would say "Flixster show nearby theaters" and get my results. I tried this with Cortana and it did not work. What I did notice is that the only app in Cortana's bank of voice compatible apps was WPCcentral, which I had booted up after the update on several occasions. Once I booted up Flixster, it was available in Cortana's notebook as a speech compatible app as it was in the past 8.0 voice search feature. It was ALSO now running in the background as an allowed app, which I had blocked in the past.

    The theory is, that the list of apps that I have set in the past as far as blocking and allowing has been reset. The phones knowledge base of apps that have voice features has been reset. This means that some settings in the past that pertain to how the OS interacts with your apps now have to be set again, as a result.

    You should go into Battery sense and look at the list of allowed apps, especially if you hare having battery problems. You may see quite a few things in there that are running that should not be, per your previous app management. Once you set the allowances again, you should be good. Well, until the next update at least ;-).

    The best thing you can do, when you have plenty of time on your hands, is boot up every single app on your lit so your phone will recognize it once more, and you can manage them as necessary/build your phones knowledge base of voice commands again.

    Hope I didn't just type this for nothing, but if someone else has posted this before then by all means let us know and post a link in the comments.
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    I didn't notice that there is a "show all apps" option on the bottom of the battery saver list, but it would still be a good idea to boot up all your apps at least once to populate the voice search feature/make sure the app doesn't set itself to a background task on it's own as a possible conflict of a first boot up.
    04-16-2014 07:00 AM

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