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    Hi. I'm using Lumia 920 and i installed windows phone 8.1 about 3 days ago. The first day everything were okay. However, the next day Cortana started to work not very well. The problem is that i can't add my interests. So every time i enter to Cortana from the start screen, it has to show my interests. But it says "I'm not turning up any suggestions. Try back later." And when i go to my interest list and want to add my interests it says "i can't seem to connect right now. Try again in a little bit". I want to imply that i have 3mb Wi-Fi at home and 2mb in my phone. Windows phone 8.1 users, please help me to solve this problem.

    I'm living in Azerbaijan. I know windows phone users in my country, but no one has the same problem as mine.
    (I settings of region i selected United States)
    04-17-2014 02:14 AM
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    My suggestion would be to do a hard reset. Much as people hate hearing this suggestion it is normally the best way to clear up any issues.

    Keep in mind, Cortana isn't perfect. WP8.1 isn't perfect so there will be issues. Also if your phone has an underlining issues prior to the install it carries over.

    If the hard reset doesn't work then use Nokia Software Updater, refresh the firmware and start over.
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    04-17-2014 02:19 AM

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