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    Disclaimer: I haven't tried 8.1 yet, so I don't know how much of this is there.

    Alright, I really like the idea of quiet time, but there is so much more potential that could be implemented, so here are my ideas:

    First Cortana should scan your calendar for user-set keywords like meeting, movie, restaurant and automatically set quiet time for the duration of the calendar event.

    Second, to bring the personal assistant vision into focus for people calling, Cortana should answer phone calls and texts appropriately depending who is calling.
    • In all cases, Cortana will scan/listen for user words like "emergency" "hospital" etc which will elevate the response to a audible action center alert.
    • Cortana will attempt to translate voice messages into action center text messages.
    • Anyone not in contacts will get a standard voice message where they can leave a message, "X is not available, please leave a message." Texts will not be responded to.
    • Anyone in contacts will get a more specific response: (voice)"X is in a meeting until X:XX, I can leave X a message" (text) "Automatic response: X is in a meeting, until X:XX" (one time only per contact)
    • Inner circle contacts get the above and an option to ring through immediately: "I can ring you through if this is an emergency, please say emergency in your message" (better be careful who your inner circle is, they could abuse this)

    05-05-2014 01:26 PM
  2. FrodoBaggins's Avatar
    Your first idea exists, but not in the context of keywords. Instead you can make cortana enable quiet hours when your calendar has an event with the busy status set.

    The bit about cortana alerting you if texts have certain keywords could be cool, but the words themselves would have to be user defined. Hospital or emergency may be a commonly texted word for some people, we don't know everyone's life, and neither does Microsoft.

    With regard to your other ideas, I would quite like to see cortana actually answering the call and taking messages. I had an old Samsung phone that had an auto answer voice message, and the caller could leave a voice message that I could then listen to, on the phone itself, no carrier voice mail needed. I think something like this could be implemented, but as far as cortana recognizing caller voice, that may be a bit technical, due to low quality over cellular, static noise, etc, but it is definitely possible with some time and research.

    Cool ideas that may be possible in the future with some tweaks and adjustments.
    05-05-2014 06:18 PM

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