1. emperor_skull's Avatar
    Cortana should be able to say the time, like "Cortana what's the time" and also she should be able to lock the phone like saying "Cortana bye" or "lock screen"
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    06-20-2014 06:32 PM
  2. vitor.rf's Avatar
    It woukd make sense if cortana had a handsfree functionality, which is probably not available because she's still in beta so we'll just have to wait. Untii then, uservoice is your voice. There's probably somene sharing your thoughts there. Just go and vote =)

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    06-20-2014 08:11 PM
  3. Silviu Bogusevschi's Avatar
    1. The time is great.
    2. What's the reason to add the option to lock the phone through Cortana, if you have the autolock and your phone does nothing unless you press with your fingers..?
    06-21-2014 06:59 AM
  4. emperor_skull's Avatar
    Just thought it would be cool if she could do it
    06-22-2014 01:33 PM

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