09-07-2014 11:39 PM
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    Wow. THIS thread lost it's way in a hurry. Instead of talking about if we are excited for WP 9 or not, we are discussing if we can depend on MS to upgrade our phones to it or not. All of this is funny, of course, because nothing in this even close to official. But, what the heck: I will play along. Slow news day anyways.

    -First of all, the announcement in September is for Windows 9. Or Threshold. Or Windows XP2. Or Modern Tile 01. Or whatever they settle on calling it. Overall, it is the new computer OS. And it is the important one, as Windows 8 di not exactly blow the doors off of sales. It is vital to get people excited for this and that all support for it be immediate. Enterprise companies will need to start moving off of Windows 7 devices in the next couple of years and whatever MS pushes out in Sept has to be business ready as soon as they reveal it. Fair or not, Win8 has a bad rep. This will show what direction MS is rolling and if they will keep their bread and butter multi-billion dollar consumers happy.

    -Windows Phone 9 will not be out or even hinted at until 2015. March? April? No matter. Windows 8.1 came along about November last year, WP 8.1 really came out for the general masses this past month (August. I am not counting the developer preview). Expect the same time frame.

    -As far as upgrading our devices, I totally understand those that do not think WP 8 devices will get the next OS. MS deserves this abuse and any doubts coming their way, as they have left Windows Mobile and WP7 users high and dry in the past. However, I am a optimist long after most are or even long past it being sane to be, so I will make this prediction:

    Look at your handsome looking WP. Oh, those sexy tiles!! Now, is it a quad-core, heavy on the RAM if you please device like the L1520, Icon, L930, or Samsung ATIV SE, or the new HTC ONE-style? Then yes, I believe MS will make available to you the next version of WP. Do you have a trusty but basically older device like the L920, L925, L928, L820, Samsung ATIV S or NEO, or the HTC 8X? Then my guess is that you may want to enjoy the WP 8.1 update. I feel that those devices and the budget line of WPs may not be getting it.

    The first two tidbits are true, the last is my opinion.
    Flagship devices are the few sold in this ecosystem, of course the lower end will disappear slowly but they will be able to run w9 when it arrives. You can bet your a** on that, you grow from the roots you know
    09-07-2014 02:19 AM
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    I have long lost my excitement. The level of disappointments is so high and the wait so long that they should make a miracle to make me happy again. What's more irritating is that the platform is so nice that it feels really annoying that they keep delivering miscarriages.
    09-07-2014 02:22 AM
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    09-07-2014 11:39 PM
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