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    So, I generally ask Cortana to set Quiet Hours before going to bed and I tell her to turn it off when I wake up. I don't generally use my phone as my alarm.

    However, when I do use my phone as my alarm and happen to wake up before it, I ask Cortana to turn it off for me, which works just fine. Having her turn off Quiet Hours normally also works fine, the bug happens when I want to turn off my alarm first and then Quiet Hours. For some reason she still thinks I'm talking about alarms the second time and asks me which alarm I want to turn off. She spells out the command she interprets, which clearly says "turn off quiet hours" which always works, except when I first want to turn off an alarm. It seems like there's a bug in her context detection.

    So, is this a known bug?
    08-24-2014 03:08 AM

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