1. pdawg17's Avatar
    When I first set up Cortana I would get score alerts when games ended, etc but over the last couple of months I have not gotten a single alert...I've even deleted all "interests" and switched Cortana on/off several times but it just doesn't work...is this a known issue? I'm on the latest Preview with a T-Mobile Lumia 925...
    09-02-2014 04:22 PM
  2. spicypadthai's Avatar
    I never receive alerts when games end. Didn't even know that was a feature. Live tile also doesn't update with in progress scores. Not sure it should but I thought it would. She's been flaky at best for me when it comes to sports.
    09-02-2014 05:32 PM
  3. pdawg17's Avatar
    I got final score alerts for maybe the first 2 weeks that Cortana was available. Haven't seen one alert since...
    09-02-2014 10:02 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I just got one a few minutes ago.
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    09-02-2014 10:04 PM
  5. pdawg17's Avatar
    For a sports score or something else? Maybe I should hard reset if I want to try and get it working?
    09-03-2014 09:28 AM
  6. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    For a sports score or something else? Maybe I should hard reset if I want to try and get it working?

    My alert told me the Cleveland Indians lost 4-2. It was from last night's baseball game.
    09-03-2014 02:21 PM
  7. spicypadthai's Avatar
    Maybe I should hard reset if I want to try and get it working?
    It can't hurt but I doubt it'll do anything b/c Cortana is mostly server side so it's more likely an issue with specific servers.
    09-03-2014 02:38 PM
  8. spicypadthai's Avatar
    Actually, it could be user error for me. I just noticed I didn't have "Notify me about score updates" enabled for my teams (checkbox when you tap on team name in Interests). Will report back after tonight's Sox game.

    UPDATE: Got one for the Sox game so that was the problem for me with sports scores.
    Last edited by spicypadthai; 09-03-2014 at 09:45 PM.
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    09-03-2014 02:43 PM
  9. Jonnie LasVegas's Avatar
    Try going into interests and selecting your team(s), and make sure the box is checked that says "Notify me about score updates". I never had to do this initially, but ran into the same problem as you. Found this and have been getting score updates again.

    Edit - Haha just read the last comment, was in too much of a rush, lol!
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    09-03-2014 02:50 PM
  10. pdawg17's Avatar
    Mine have been enabled all along...still no alerts about traffic, when to leave for work, sports scores...no alerts at all basically...
    09-03-2014 07:15 PM
  11. pdawg17's Avatar
    So strange...so I got my first alert in months and it was when the 49ers game ended (I have an alert set up for them). What's weird is I also have one set up for the Oakland A's and I still don't get game ending alerts for that team. Don't see why there should be a difference...
    09-07-2014 09:28 PM

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