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    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I wasn't able to find a similar thread. I've noticed an issue when launching playlists by voice with Cortana. She seems to find old versions to play and I cannot figure out where she is getting them from. To test this, I recently made sure all of my Xbox music apps were up to date (Lumia 920, Surface 2 and desktop). I then went onto the web interface for Xbox Music and updated the playlists. I waited 24 hours for the changes to sync across all of my devices. The play lists all look the same no matter where I view them. But when I launch the playlist through Cortana, she manages to play the old unaltered version of the playlist. Does Cortana have her own version of Xbox Music that she accesses that isn't being updated along with everything else? Or, is this something that is cached on my phone? And if so, is there a way to clear out that cache?
    09-09-2014 02:11 PM

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