1. Maanoj Rakhit's Avatar
    I have upgraded my Nokia Lumia 520 from Windows 8 to 8.1 (Cyan official) and activated Cortana. I tried to get one answer but couldn't get the right one. Can someone help me with a solution? Please!

    While sending emails or messages through phone, I want to avoid typing into the keyboard. Instead, I want to speak into the phone and let the handset software do the rest - convert speech into typed letters. It need not be hundred percent correct but that would be simple to manage.

    Is this function available in my phone? If yes, how to activate it?

    I have seen this function in an Android phone and hoping Windows phone will not lag behind.
    09-23-2014 09:02 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    09-23-2014 09:10 AM
  3. mary beth hale's Avatar
    I use Cortana to send short texts but can't get her to insert punctuation. Anyway to do this?
    09-23-2014 09:19 AM
  4. mary beth hale's Avatar
    Yes it does. Thanks
    09-23-2014 11:35 AM

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