1. MilanDj's Avatar
    When i set Cortana to remind me something when i get home, she doesn't. I have waited for one hour and nothing. This location based reminder doesn't work. Also when i try to search on maps, search doesn't work. On nokia maps and here drive search works fine but on maps which is Cortana using, it's not working. Can somebody tell me what is the problem? I have nokia lumia 920. WP 8.1.
    09-27-2014 06:16 PM
  2. horseybob's Avatar
    That's interesting; Cortana reminds me to Kiss the lovely bride each time I come home. Check the Cortana settings > places and verify home is set up and pinned?
    09-27-2014 06:35 PM
  3. MilanDj's Avatar
    Thanks, but no luck. Home is set up. When i say take me home, she knows where home is. But to remind me when i get home, nothing.
    09-28-2014 03:23 AM
  4. chezm's Avatar
    I was having the same issues, using the USA country settings in Canada. I had no problem getting her to recognize where I lived but reminders never worked properly.

    Posted via Nexus 5 WPC App
    09-28-2014 04:08 AM
  5. MilanDj's Avatar
    Are you saying that is working now? How did you solve the problem? If i understand, cortana should recognize where i live. That didn't happen also. :(
    09-29-2014 03:57 AM
  6. chezm's Avatar
    Are you saying that is working now? How did you solve the problem? If i understand, cortana should recognize where i live. That didn't happen also. :(
    I no longer have a WP, the last time i checked reminders still didnt work. Make sure your maps are downloaded and updated. Check your Cortana settings (notepad) and check places to see if your Home is saved. If not, she should ask you after some time as she will notice you're at that location most times. But even with that the reminders didnt work, even as far as "Make sure i call my wife when i get home" wouldnt work properly.
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    09-29-2014 09:54 AM
  7. MilanDj's Avatar
    Thank you. :)
    09-29-2014 11:33 AM
  8. Rasetech's Avatar
    I have the same problem and its still unsolved.

    The problem is as follows: When you are using Navigation to navigate home cortana simply transfers you to the defined address. But for location based reminders cortana tries to exactly match your position on the defined address. This does not work properly especial if you are inside a building due to inaccuracy of gps. MS is working on this by changing the method from using exact position the a so called geo fence that is not only one position but the whole area of your home basement.

    Hope its now clear.
    09-30-2014 03:35 AM
  9. MilanDj's Avatar
    It is clear. I thought about it myself, but how does it work for most people, and for few of us doesn't?
    10-01-2014 02:49 AM
  10. Rasetech's Avatar
    Good question, cannot answer it.
    10-01-2014 03:45 AM
  11. Andrew Elliott's Avatar
    doesnt work for me either.
    10-01-2014 06:45 AM
  12. jbates621's Avatar
    depends on the gps location of your home in my case my house is over half a block away depending on the gps service used I can set off my home reminders if I walk down the street.
    10-02-2014 09:11 AM
  13. jmshub's Avatar
    ^That's a good point. Does your phone say that you are home when you pull into your driveway or sidewalk or whatever? If it says you are still a ways from your home, then there is just an issue with your phone's GPS position of your home. Cortana reminds me of things when I get home and when I get to work. Worked every time for me.
    10-02-2014 09:23 AM
  14. GerOrBa's Avatar
    in my case, it does remind me when I get Home... eventually. some times immediately, some times 5-20 minutes after I arrived. The few times I have placed a reminder for when I get to work, it plays while I am parking.
    10-02-2014 03:50 PM
  15. defante's Avatar
    The same for me. What I did was when I was at home, I asked her "Where am I?" and used the location she gave as my home location. So now my reminders work. It was only off by a couple of houses, but enough that it wouldn't trigger it originally. This also fixed the auto turn on wifi at favorite locations for me.
    10-13-2014 01:20 PM
  16. blue1k's Avatar
    Works flawlessly for me. When I pull up to house it flashes my reminder while in the driveway.
    10-13-2014 01:26 PM
  17. AndyD14's Avatar
    When I ask Cortana where I am, while I am at home, she lists the address and shows me a map. Every time I ask she gives me a different address.
    11-06-2014 10:33 PM
  18. Rasetech's Avatar
    Thats due to GPS inaccuracy inside buildings - not cortanas fault. You need to be outside with free view to the sky to have good GPS coordinates.
    11-10-2014 01:13 AM
  19. LangBoost's Avatar
    I'm still coming up to speed on all things Cortana. Can someone point me to some info about how to setup your locations, and what you're saying to Cortana to do location based reminders? Cortana only does time based reminders for me.
    11-10-2014 06:56 AM

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