1. M Reno's Avatar
    I read these posts in which people describe wonderful things. Notification to leave for meetings, traffic notifications, answering questions, and so on.

    I get absolutely nothing.

    Not even news notifications.

    I have tried a few times to "Ask Cortana", and will get a listing of things from the internet. I have read that there is a common bug that will silence Cortana, and to restart it you need to disable her, reboot, then reenable. I can do that, ask something stupid like "what does the fox say?", and get her silly reply. But that is about it. And I am not likely to want to go through those gymnastics on a daily basis.

    I have tried the "remind me to get milk when I am at the store". It is hit / miss. And all it does is display a text reminder! So if I don't remember to pull my phone out of my pocket, then the reminder is worthless!

    I am sure there is some way I need to train her -- get to know her ;-) -- but I have not been able to find any meaningful "how to train your Cortana" tips.

    I suspect that I really need to just talk to her often, ask questions. And theoretically she will start o learn what I ask, and anticipate. Do I need to do foolish things, like ask "Where am I?" when I know full well where I am, so that she start to understand me?

    My experience has left me thinking Cortana is a worthless gimmick.
    10-30-2014 05:41 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Have you gone through this section of the website? It might provide some information.

    Meet Cortana for Windows Phone | Windows Phone How-to (United Kingdom)
    10-30-2014 06:07 AM
  3. neo158's Avatar
    Did you actually set up Cortana initially, that could be why you have no interests showing up?
    11-01-2014 04:16 PM

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