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    One of the main aspects I like about Cortana is that it makes it starts to bring calendars, people, and places together into one experience. But I still feel that there are a couple major ways that this could be much better integrated.

    • Web results and contacts: I would really like to be able to save a web results as a contact. You can save relevant results to your Places but that's not the same. I would like to save, say, my barbershop's info right into a contact for easy access to address, phone number, website, etc, rather than re-searching the web every time I tap on a favorite.
    • Calendar and contacts: I would really like to be able to add an event linked to a contact's address that I have saved. This could really be through Cortana or not, but it seems like Cortana would be pretty natural since it has that phone search feature. What I'm picturing is being able to ask Cortana to add "lunch at X's house" and it can find the address for me out of X's stored contact.

    This is the kind of stuff that help make Cortana an actual everyday assistant, rather than just an intermediary for web searches.
    11-01-2014 04:58 PM

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