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    Just Be Patient

    Before everyone comes crashing down on me, I have one thing to say and that this, is to let everyone know .. that they have to be patient.Everyone is so fussy about Windows 10 and how it may affect the future of Windows Phone.I'm not telling you that Windows Phone is the best phone but atleast they are trying.Everyone needs to really stop making such dramatic conclusions about ' Win10 for phones will have absolutely the same UI' because in everything we no nothing much about the Windows 10 UI.

    I've seen a lot of negative feedback from people and honestly I believe that is it just not necessary.Android and IOS were basically nothing more than flat icons and .. basically crap.Windows phone is improving and are trying to make there phone's UI.All iOS did at first was add background images then flat and clean icons on 7 and 8. Windows Developer's are trying there best, Instead of complaining why don't you guys try putting out your suggestions and try to make it better!?.

    All i am saying is that before tries to say that Microsoft will do a crappy job with Windows 10 UI please don't jump to conclusions.Just try to be patient and try to be supportive.Android and iOS started somewhere and so can Windows phone as well.
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    12-12-2014 05:41 PM

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