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    Nothing better than making an operating system more productive, that allows you to achieve your goal with minimum effort. Here is my list of some features that could help achieving productivity:

    • Touch Screen

      1. Create and Assign new Gestures for different apps so that you can do what you want with minimum effort. For example, a swipe to the left on a link will open it on a new tab in your default browser. This can be done with centralised hub that is mentioned in point 1 from the Mouse and Keyboard heading.
      2. Touchpad Gestures: Touchpad Gestures, that are already implemented, should also work on touch screens to be more consistent. It makes sense that you would swipe up with 3 fingers on the screen to to bring the Task View just as you do on the Touchpad.
      3. Allow Customisation of the Touchpad or touch screen Gestures: this is similar to the points mentioned above, but easier to do. In other word, just allow us to change the gestures' assignments.
      4. Bring Word Flow keyboard from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 touch screen.

    • Pen

      1. Allow assigning different commands buttons based on apps. For example, hold Pen's button and tap on a link to open it in a new tab in your default browser.
      2. Allows converting of each handwritten letter to a digital letter, so that programmers can use it to program. This can be set so that it can be done letter by letter, or word by word based on what program and settings you choose. For example, writers can use it to convert word by word in their chosen app. How awesome is that you can program with your touchscreen and pen? might be good or bad, I am not sure, but it is intriguing. It seems that Lenovo already doing it. They called it WRITEit.

    • Mouse and Keyboard

      1. At the moment, app developers have to make their own shortcuts implementation. Create a hub for shortcuts that manages and sends all kind shortcuts or touch gestures to all apps. There is an app called KeyboardExt that can do that for shortcuts, but not gestures. This centralised hub will help developers so that they do not implement their own system to manage shortcuts or gestures for their apps.

    • General

      1. Folders: while this link shows many good products, their Fences app is great to orginise folder on the desktop. This would be a great feature that will renovate the desktop look that has been the same since forever on all platforms. It a great way to organise the desktop with folders than can be expanded and collapsed like the folders on Windows Phone 8.1.
      2. Selected Text or Object actions (Modern Context Menu): create a unified way to select texts or objects, and upon selected, pressed shortcut, or performed gesture, show an action list based on what is selected. This list of actions can be expanded by third party developer to allow their apps take advantage of it. It's like the share function on Windows Phone. There is an app called click.to that can do this at the moment, but it can only work on desktop apps. In other words, modernise the Context Menu. The old gray looking that is shown horizontally with very small icons passed its days. Make it work on modern and desktop apps.
      3. App Extensions: allow apps to work together, and extend their functionalities, so that you can do more without leaving the app you are using. For example, modern Internet Explorer can make use of LastPass password manager extension to fill and generate passwords. Another example is that you can translate or define a word anywhere in Windows without opening another app or going to the browser. Spell checking would be great too as an extension.
      4. Smart Search: add the ability to do calculations, converting units, open desktop and modern apps, send commands to apps such as notes to OneNote, etc... for productivity. It would also be better if the position of it is optional i.e. it could appear based on your mouse cursor or touch position, or in a fixed position.
      5. Live Tiles must have a Lock i.e. you cannot launch application by tapping or clicking on the tile. This is good because some tiles are just there to give brief information while other just for decorations. For example, some people might just want a clock tile, and do not want to hit it by mistake and launching the app. One way to do it is to hold the Live Tile for few seconds to Lock/Unlock it.

    I hope some of these features get implemented at least
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