1. timbo_sf2's Avatar
    Hello. We have already known that microsoft want to build one windows which is multiplatform, one of their vision is to deliver one xperience across all devices. This has been done actually, with Windows 8 has horizontal menu (at least in PC settings), microsoft is experimenting with hamburger menu in windows phone app. But some windows phone users disagree since it's already been in Android. I think it's fine to copy just only that thing, since Microsoft is being copied by others too (Google is working to sidw-by-side apps feature, also Windows plug/unplug USB sound scheme are copied by Mac OS and Android).

    Or maybe you're disagree because it isn't touch friendly etc. I wonder if you have any ideas for another one UI across all devices to replace horizontal/hamburger menu. But pivot hub UI can't be applied in Windows tablet.

    iPhone and iPad actually does a good job unifying the experience, also specifically designed iPhone app can be launched in iPad like inside an emulator, even though that is horrible, while Windows Phone app cannot be launched in Windows RT. I know Windows RT is different with iPad since Windows RT support pointing devices loke touchpad and mouse, But Windows RT, at least should support Windows Phone apps even though it's touch only so it can have more apps on the store.

    What do you think?
    01-13-2015 07:53 AM
  2. blackdaemon's Avatar
    I think this notion of having all unified interface between PC/Tablet/Phone is just nonsense. They already tried that with Windows 8, forcing touch start menu to PC and it backfired big time. They are trying again now. Phone is a phone, tablet is a tablet, PC is a PC. It can't be good idea to have same unified UI on all, from the usability standpoint it is counterproductive. Hamburger menu does not belong on the phone. Period. I have no idea why it is so difficult to have UI tailored to the device. Bottom appbar with round icons and three-dots for menu is perfectly fine and usable for one hand phone usage. Hamburger menu is fine on tablet, make less sense on PC. I am convinced that the UI should reflect the way you use the device so there simply should be differences in the controls and their placement.
    01-22-2015 04:43 AM

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