1. vb4's Avatar
    So, anyone else disturbed by the changed gesture?
    The presentation showed that swiping in from the left edge causes Task View to open. You then have to tap the tile of the app that you want to display on the screen.
    That's a movement halfway across the screen and the need to tap a specific area. It has none of the advantages that edges gestures are supposed to have.
    Imagine having a set of two or three active apps between you occasionally switch. It would be tedious in this system.

    Compare that to the Windows 8 version:
    - Slide from the left to open last opened app
    - Slide from the left after a short delay to re-open the app that you just exchanged with the last opened app
    - Slide multiple times in quick order from the left to cycle through all apps
    - Slide from the left and back again to open the task view
    It also allowed you to just slide an app out of the edge and include it in the snap view.

    Why is Microsoft going back to a more cumbersome system? The multitasking gesture of Windows 8 was one of the undeniably awesome features. Even Apple users loved it.

    I seriously hope that I just mis-interpreted the gesture in the presentation or something. Otherwise I can just hope that everyone will join me in voting on this change in the Insider app.
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    01-22-2015 12:17 PM
  2. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    I agree with the sentiment. I also prefer the multitasking gesture of windows 8 as more natural than the blend of windows 8 left swipe with win+ tab functionality. It literally seems like a compromise of both desktop and tablet gestures. But I don't think the compromise is a good choice in this matter. Honestly they should just make seperate versions for desktop and tablet. The fuss would be over and everybody would be happy.
    01-22-2015 05:03 PM
  3. Brandon Tobias's Avatar
    am the gesture does look wired to me the W8 app switching for touch is better they should keep that but .... maybe they will put an option for it or maybe the code was missing in that build we don't know yet but we can bring it back

    but the combined os is better ...
    01-22-2015 06:21 PM
  4. vb4's Avatar
    They could easily solve this:
    Slide in to get the old behavior.
    Slide in and out to get the task view. That's basically how it worked in 8, anyway.
    You'd retain both systems at full functionality.
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    01-23-2015 02:02 AM
  5. Mahdi Ghiasi's Avatar
    I agree. The new multitasking is terrible on tablets compared to the old one. I really hope they revert this change to the perfect Windows 8 way.
    01-23-2015 04:41 AM
  6. vb4's Avatar
    I hope that everyone votes on this aspect.
    Would be sad if this point was missed. Especially because the newest build otherwise feels very polished.
    01-23-2015 02:40 PM

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