1. wpfan2be's Avatar
    Hi. After Denim, Lumia Icon, if the ringer is silent, Cortana will not read texts thru the car BT system. Ringer not silent, everything works fine. Tried with 2 Icons. This is on a BMW BT system. Anyone else having this issue?

    02-23-2015 09:58 AM
  2. andy2windy's Avatar
    I can't speak to the car BT issue, but I do know, with ringer off, I get no text messages read to me thru my BT earpiece.
    02-23-2015 10:07 AM
  3. wpfan2be's Avatar
    This worked fine before Denim at least in the car, since I would silence the ringer while at work and when I got in the car, Cortana would read and send texts. Tried looking for a setting to correct this. Nothing. Is this "by design"? Don't understand why setting the ringer off would stop Cortana...
    02-23-2015 10:25 AM
  4. andy2windy's Avatar
    Same result without Cortana - I don't use it.

    I agree, this problem didn't exist for me prior to 8.1/Denim.I don't understand it either.

    Reading a text is NOT a ringer.
    02-23-2015 12:54 PM
  5. HoosierDaddy's Avatar
    FWIW, every time there is any OS or firmware updates on any of my WPs, I have to delete the phone from the car's list of paired devices AND delete the car from the phone's list of pairings. If I don't, some things including what the OP reported, don't work right despite other functions being normal. Deleting it just one way and repairing did NOT restore normal operations. It took both.
    03-03-2015 10:54 AM
  6. wpfan2be's Avatar
    Just to test, I had done that, remove and recreate, with the same results. If ringer off, no texts read by Cortana.
    03-05-2015 03:58 PM
  7. Curtieson's Avatar
    Does it even go into the mode that appears like she is trying to read them? I turn my ringer and phone volume down to zero while at work...when I get back in the car if I don't turn it back up she tries to read the texts but they just come across as no sound.

    My devices: Lumia 920 w/ a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium (MFT / SYNC)
    03-12-2015 09:15 AM
  8. TheZuneLune's Avatar
    I installed the Uconnect Bluetooth feature with my factory Jeep stereo in early 2014. It worked pretty great with voice, music and reading and replying to texts via the "Tell me" service. Enter Cortana and Denim and goodbye reading of texts. This is definitely a Uconnect issue. I recently used Cortana with 2 different rentals (Ford and Toyota) and both were great Cortana experiences.

    I take very ling trips and really need Bluetooth text message capability and "Hey, Cortana" would be pretty great. Anyone have luck with Cortana on aftermarket units? If so, which brands?
    03-26-2015 11:26 PM

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