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    With the addition of Showtime+trailers, I thought it would be nice if Cortana could do this:

    It would be nice if a user could set a favourite cinema and/or list cinemas in the order preference so when a blockbuster movie is due to start showing Cortana would

    a)notify the user via notifications and/or live tile updates
    b)show up under the latest news etc.

    This would be further customisable via settings (under showtimes+trailers):
    1) Genres that the user likes to watch
    2) Movies containing their favourite actor / actresses / comedians etc
    3) Their favourite movie directors

    In turn Cortana would be able to surface up curated movies that are in Cinemas which the user may be interested in seeing.

    Naturally this could evolve to include suggestions movies and tv series for other services like xbox video, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video etc.

    Suggestions for TV shows would be curated by a similar list to the above (situated under Entertainment? Or perhaps a new category TV Shows?), this can be further expanded on by giving the user reminders of the next episode of their favourite TV shows .

    This could be further customised by setting their preferred service so they only get reminders for the service they use and not get blanket notifications for other services that they do not use / subscribe to.

    Link below: I couldn't fit everything into the title box and the site is P.I.T.A to use on the phone.

    Suggest prefered (user set) Cinemas showing movies / TV series users are interested in, ? Cortana Feedback
    03-06-2015 03:48 AM
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    127 views and no feedback?

    Lol seriously...
    03-11-2015 07:54 AM

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