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    I love WP but don't have it.( intend to buy.. once Again ) I have used 920 and 925 before.
    It was great in some aspects but I had to change cause of few important things which I would like to address as below :
    I could not draft an email in Gmail from my phone and finish it in my notebook or even vica versa. This was somewhat important ( not a deal breaker ) but it was convenient nevertheless.
    I use Google+ sparingly but when it is used it's for work so to have that application around is helpful for sure. ( anyway, Google will never come on WP so this point is moot. )
    Use Line & Viber and though I have hardly ever used the new video call function on either but it's still good to have because if I remember, I did use it few times and for work & I discovered it is good since not everyone is keen to Add me ( or the other way around ) in Contacts list on Skype and wait for approval. Skype is very good but at times it shows it's limitations and that is why you must offer other options as well.
    I like the Metrotube so no hassles.
    I don't miss Hangouts much.
    The biggest problem to me is not the App Gap in windows phone ( my need is not so extensive ) but ABOUT ABOUT WHAT APPS I ALREADY HAVE !!
    YOU SEE, THEY DON'T GET UPDATED FAST ENOUGH ! ( for instance the latest version of Viber and even Facebook with Voice Chat )
    Sometimes for almost a year !
    So, you see a great OS but not really a Smartphone cause it's not keeping up enough to be Smart like the other OS even if they stutter or are restrictive, etc.
    You see, Video chats are important since as you know that most of the people around the world have an iPhone or an Android.
    WP has Only Skype so would the 10 have more Video call apps or we going to improve the phone which is already good without newer apps AND updates of the apps which are already there ?

    Further, would you improve the quality of your apps cause lots of WP apps in the market is of very poor quality.

    My question is any idea about if the Windows 10 Universal apps gives real gmail app and sync ?
    What improvements you think can happen ?
    Any indications so that prompts me to buy Lumia 930 ( love it ! ) instead of sticking around with my Sony ?

    Thanks !!
    03-08-2015 09:28 AM

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