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    So Windows 8, this was supposed to be Microsoft's game winning strategy to boost Microsoft's mobile market share, "save" Windows Phone and gain app support...but it did neither not on a large scale at least. I still think to this day that Balmer and the Windows team had the right idea in mind, but executed poorly...alright, poorly doesn't even begin to describe how terrible it was.

    Where did Windows "8" go wrong (this is just my take, so feel free to disagree)?

    1. Two app stores
      Windows 8 was supposed to take advantage of the fact that Microsoft already had a significant chunk of the PC market, but instead of creating one store --- they opted to create an entirely new store, not taking advantage of the existing Windows Phone apps. Awkward to run phone apps on a large screen, yes, but this is the way the Apple App Store began with the iPad.
    2. Swipe gesture based overloaded navigation
      Microsoft charged full speed ahead with an OS designed for a tablet and nothing but a tablet --- it's obvious they then worked backwards and threw in things like "Hot Corners" for keyboard/mouse -- want to close an application or engage a hot corner? Good luck getting the mouse in the right spot! Windows 8 ideology? Let's hide EVERYTHING! Things are hidden away that some users to this day don't know exist. And going back to reason #1, Microsoft's intent was to gain leverage from there already massive user base (in the PC), but they designed a UI that completely alienated that user base. Bright idea? Not so much.
    3. An app design language that didn't make much sense
      This kind of continues from #2, Metro on phone, fine by me. Metro style apps on a Desktop? Ughhh...what? While I've come to accept it, the "panoramic" app UI is something I questioned early on in Windows 8 apps (not phone). Seriously, does any one really use those apps on a non-touch desktop/laptop? 'Mail' is the only thing I use on my laptop. There's just something awkward about rolling through a vertical scroll wheel to move the screen horizontally.

    So how does Windows 10 potentially help correct those "wrongs"?

    1. One app store
      While there will still be apps that only run on Phone, only run on Tablet/PC and then your universal apps. This will allow for increased visibility of apps available for each device. Also there is a UserVoice request asking for the running of Windows phone apps on tablet/PC. Even if limited to WP8.1+ apps, this would be great imo. An icon indicating that it's a phone, tablet/PC or universal app (already exists) is all that's needed to avoid confusion, small windowed app than doesn't go full screen would be just fine imo.
    2. Visible, touch and click based navigation
      If you hadn't noticed, the guessing game is over, every navigation feature in Windows 10 has a visual indicator for it. That's something I'm extremely pleased with. Changing the Start Menu/Screen to vertical scrolling, it may be awkward at first as we've grown accustomed to a horizontal scrolling start screen, I think it will be the better option in the long run and they it should have been that way from the start (Windows 8, that was also something I questioned at first).
    3. An app design language that has the potential to "meet in the middle"
      This is good news! Microsoft is basically setting a standard with apps that are friendly all three device types (no matter how much WP loyalist complain about the "hamburger icon"). Only issue being is until updates are rolled out, a lot of the 3rd party metro Windows 8 apps will exist in the store. But this is something that's needed as Microsoft has to make the apps attractive and functional on the Desktop --- where the majority of it's users exist.

    03-17-2015 11:27 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    I'm not sure that Win 10 is what Win 8 "was meant to be".

    The versions of the operating system are simply evolving over time; lessons are learnt from the previous versions and new ideas are used going forwards - it's the circle of life.
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    03-17-2015 11:37 AM
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    I'm not impressed with Windows 10 for desktop. I like that apps don't run full screen all the time, so they can be used with desktop app together, but third party companies did that in a couple of weeks.

    The new start menu is horrible, they should have used the start screen of Windows 8 in tablet mode.

    Windows 10 is almost Windows 7 with a new name and with live tiles added as an afterthought, I don't know if that's going to work well in tablets. Ironically, Microsoft is growing in tablets, It would be a shame if Windows 10 ruins that.
    03-17-2015 12:24 PM
  4. TheCudder's Avatar
    Windows 10 is almost Windows 7 with a new name and with live tiles added as an afterthought
    That's a big stretch and at the same time, that's would it SHOULD be on. This is a far better implementation than Windows 8. Before live tiles were avoided like the plague on the desktop. And as mentioned above, if desktop users don't use apps, then no one will develop apps. And I would say 10 does not = 7+ because well....since when did 7 have Cortana, Notification Center, Project Spartan, Task View/Virtual Desktops, Snap Assist, Peer to Peer Updates. Just my view of course.
    03-17-2015 01:12 PM

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