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    If the title of the topic grabbed your attention it's likely you did, or are planning to do the same as me. Install windows 10 as an upgrade from windows 7 not as far fetched an idea in practice. Hopefully I can help a few other insiders out there if they are currently pursuing this route and to give the coding teams some feedback.

    Upgrade from Win7

    When I upgraded my Packard Bell TM87 straight to Build 10041 from windows 7 I had so many issues in the final environment that the PC was in all terms of the expression unusable. Here is a full list of issues:

    • Upgrade took 6 hours to complete.
    • Sound Card driver failed and subsequent attempts to re-install or modify the driver failed.
    • Windows start menu didn't load until rebooted for a 3rd time.
    • 100% Disk usage after loading windows occurred for the first 1 hour on the first 9 boot ups - My pet peev from windows 8!
    • The disk seemed to be unsearchable generally whilst attempting to using Win 10. Opening a new explorer window would hang and if you transfered a file it would cause the system to hang indefinitely this issue never really resolved itself.
    • Browser crashes most notably tor and but IE 11 and Chrome were intermittent.
    • There seemed to be a license key activation issue but it was never able to connect to the windows servers.
    • Windows update downloads would hang at 95% downloaded.

    All this equated to about 55% usablity per hour. Yet I was never able to start exploring the OS. It was at this point that I noticed the 10041 ISO was available and thought it would be time to take the plunge and do a full clean install. Very little info on the best way to do an install of Win 10. Yes it's not rocket science and is essentially the same it has always been, but some sort of optimization occurs at this point and an end user should be informed of the benefits.

    Clean install from USB
    1. Win 10 took about an 40mins to complete, so quick I was super shocked and impressed. It far exceeds windows 8 install times.
    2. All base drivers installed and worked including sound card
    3. Hard drive is usable and exploring with explorer hasn't cause high disk usage or the system to hang.
    4. Windows start menu worked and no activation issues.

    The question remains if the vast number of adopters will undoubtedly be windows 7 users I hope that there is a working upgrade solution by the October release date. Perhaps if there was a incentive to adopt a Microsoft account in windows 7 users could upload all essential data to their one drive. Windows 10 would be able to do full clean install. This is not viable for Terabytes of data but worth considering after experiencing first hand the issues caused by doing an upgrade..

    My advice if you have or are experiencing issues after upgrading is to backup and run a clean install.

    Now to see if my Lumia is finished upgrading...
    04-22-2015 02:39 PM
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    Keep calm and report bugs, guys.

    EDIT:I Just read the rest.
    04-22-2015 02:58 PM

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