1. BeneathTheSurface's Avatar
    I switched my region to the UK just to mess around, but when I switched it back to the US Cortana insists she is "not available in my market"

    Any suggestions?
    04-24-2015 02:35 PM
  2. mikeycl's Avatar
    Getting a similar issue here.

    Everything on my home desktop was set to UK with US language pack and i switched over to everything UK and pulled down the language pack. It looks like it is an issue with the language packs as if you run lpksetup it show the US language, and not the UK one, as the one in use. Weird as i managed to make the switch with no issues on 2 other PC's.

    I may try going extreme and switching the machine over to something like French removing all traces of both English language packs and then pull down the UK one clean tonight.

    Unless someone has any bright ideas......
    04-27-2015 05:22 AM

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