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    I updated to the 10061 build this morning, and ever since i've been getting hand shakes with my HDTV through my HDMI cable (it wasn't doing this in a previous build). Ever since i updated the build, my AMD driver has been forcibly updated to the Engineering Sampe - WDDM v2.0, which has been causing my HDTV to change to its native resolute but after that the tv's resolution wont adjust with the computers settings (such as i would have the setting set for 1440x900, which i usually keep at, while the tv stays at 1360x768 and causes the screen to shrink).

    Every time i uninstall the driver, everything will reset to where only 1 monitor works (I have my computers monitor that i use the basic stuff for, and my HDTV that's plugged in for videos and gaming on console), a few minutes later a regular build for my graphic card is re-installed on its own (driver date of 11/4/2014), and my resolution would go back to normal on my TV to where it would adjust with my computer and work properly, but several minutes later, the engineering sample would come back and reset my tv again. It's been doing this for several hours and it's irritated the crap out of me.
    04-24-2015 04:28 PM

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