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    Hello everyone,

    This morning I tried to install build 10061 for my Surface Pro 3. I tried to use command prompt and I searched for help to install it. However, it didn't work. To make things worse, my Wi-Fi started to work very slowly again (A few days ago I fixed the problem by cleaning the whole hard drive). Because wlan connection is required to download the build 10061 in the first place, I cleaned the hard drive again.

    Instead of opening my desktop, my Surface Pro 3 told me she has ran into a problem called 0xc0000034 and she needs to be recovered. Before installing Windows 10 to my Surface Pro 3 during Fall/Autumn, I put my Windows 8.1 recovery file, which was recommended by Microsoft, into a USB flash drive. She also told me to press Windows key in order to open UEI (?) settings. I connected the flash drive and I pressed the Windows key but no results were given. Suddenly Surface Pro 3 shut down herself and the same problem occurred.

    Can you please help me? I'm very stressed because nothing seems to work and when searching the Internet, I have only found the solutions for Windows 8 version of 0xc0000034.
    04-27-2015 01:09 AM

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