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    There's always someone in the comments on every Microsoft-related article bashing Windows 8 and "Micro$oft". Heck, even on Windows Central, I constantly read very dramatic posts and comments of people who are fed up with (insert reason here), people who are giving Microsoft one last chance before they leave, people who loudly explain why they are buying an iPhone.

    This morning, things were different. People are impressed with Microsoft. They're excited about Microsoft again. Heck, they are supporting Microsoft! I am reading optimistic and excited reactions to stuff like iOS/Android support and continuum EVERYWHERE!

    Few examples:

    (On iOS and Android support for Windows 10)

    "Man, Microsoft is pulling no punches with Windows 10."

    "It's really the type of business move Microsoft needed to do to stay relevant in these ever changing markets. I'm surprised they finally took the plunge. "Let Apple and Google duke it out, we'll just port the **** out of everything they have created." ... /Winning"

    "In a world where there is a rift between Android and iOS: where people on both platforms lament over the apps that the other has. Microsoft shows some muscle and proves why they exist as the powerhouse that they are."

    "I can't wait. This solidifies the Surface Pro as the right choice for a tablet. Now it does pretty much everything."

    "I'm really happy to see Microsoft working at a level they haven't seen in many years while ballmer was in charge. Sounds like Nadella is on his A game. Go UWM Alums."

    "Sweet. Can finally buy a windows phone."

    (On Continuum for Phones)

    "This is where Microsoft's "Universal App" idea really shines. All you're doing when you're using one of these apps on your phone is you're running a smaller version of the desktop app. Hooking up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard "unlocks" the full potential of the app."

    "For the first time it puts a windows phone on my radar. Will need to see what apps etc are supported first, but I will consider it."

    "If MS pulls this off it'll be amazing."

    "This would absolutely push me over to windows phone. As long as the hardware is solid my next phone will be windows if this is as good as it sounds."

    "This is multiple platforms running "one" OS done right. Not just some flashy UI and another cluttering cloud service, but giving the user identical functionality tailored to each device."

    (On Visual Studio Code for OS X and Linux)

    "As a guy that prefers OSX and Linux, this is really sweet. It's good to see Microsoft being serious about opening up."

    "MS seem to be moving with the times once again. Computing is becoming more open and they are too."

    "God-*******-dammit. How am I supposed to hate Microsoft when they keep doing good ****? Next, they'll completely rewrite Windows as a fully POSIX compliant OS, with no registry, and a completely open source."

    "So excited for this. Microsoft is really stepping up their platforms and tools."

    These are all quotes from Redditors on r/technology, mind you. Not even Windows fanboys ;)

    It's a good time to be rooting for Microsoft. I figured we could all use some hype and positivity after all the hate and doubts :)
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    04-30-2015 02:56 AM
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    same here. was optimist about WP but lost interest after looking at the app gap between android and WP. Now im optimist again. I might buy another lumia at the end of the year (was thinking to switch to android, i'll just be honest here!)
    04-30-2015 03:04 AM
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    I am glad someone has optimism for Windows 10 for phones because I sure dont
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    05-01-2015 07:35 AM

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