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    A couple of things:
    *Move all settings (battery, wifi, brightness, volume) into the Action center
    *Add Interactive Tiles
    *Add Exploded Live Tiles
    *Use the advanced grid from WP for Windows 10 tiles (spacing in the Start Screen
    *Add vertical tiles
    *Bring back the animations from Windows 8.1 or something similar
    *Add option to bring back the Charms "Action bar", remove Search and replace it with Cortana, remove settings and replace it with and expand button that will make the Notification Center flyout

    *Add back the Accent color that was removed from Windows and shown throughout Settings and the Charms bar and flyouts

    *Add an option to remove the taskbar completely in touch mode, double swipe up to show it again

    * Put the clock into the Action Bar or Action Center

    * Swipe from the left should switch between the last used apps a swipe out and back in should show task view

    *Name and user tile should be in top left corner, not the bottom of the screen

    *All Apps should have an option to be full screen (I saw someone telling another how to use Windows 8.1 and he, an average customer, knew where to access ALL APPS, do not change the location.

    *Allow the sorting of All Apps

    *Add back semantic zoom!!!!!!
    05-02-2015 09:13 PM

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