1. vinamra gehlot's Avatar
    I'm a slow ring user, Updated the latest build(I think it's 10074), but it lags alot, more then the previous build, froze 2 times. The store beta and people app doesn't open. I can open the new mail and calendar app, but in the app list, they are still shown that they are downloading. Is anyone aware of this problem yet??
    My system
    3gb ram, 500gb hdd, processor-Intel core 2duo,2.8ghz.
    Previous builds worked flawlessly.
    05-02-2015 09:39 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    there's plenty of problems on board regardless. Its what you signed up for.

    Best to wait it out, hope updates patch it up or erase the PC and start with 10 fresh. My start menu and search box was broken right when I upgraded, but the update right after restored operation. Thankfully I can afford to have my laptop down for extended periods at times.
    05-02-2015 11:15 PM
  3. nTrud3r's Avatar
    My Mail, Calender and People failed to install, my Start menu doesn't work and the Store sometimes works
    05-03-2015 05:31 AM

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