1. manbat3261's Avatar
    As a Maker, I was very happy to see Microsoft reach out to the community with the message of embracing and supporting the Maker early adopter mindset with their announcement of Windows 10 for IoT.

    But as most things that attempt to couple couple Microsoft and Innovation, any level of interest an early adopter can muster is quickly killed by the great minds in Redmond. In classic Microsoft fashion, downloading and using Windows 10 for IoT can only be accomplished from a PC running Windows 10. I don't have Windows 10, I don't want Windows 10, and that one hoop eliminated any interest in spending my time and energy on the Windows 10 IoT platform. When early adopter attention is lost at the onset, it never returns. So Window 10 is DBIA - Dead Before Its Arrival.

    Microsoft just can't get out of it's own way. Restrictive proprietary platforms that require full alignment are a thing of the distant past. They are the bane of innovation. It is unfortunate but the list technology leadership opportunities for Microsoft continues to grow: the internet, the browser, the search engine, security, the smart phone, the tablet, and now the IoT platform of the future.
    05-06-2015 01:05 PM
  2. tgp's Avatar
    I cannot wait until I get a change to install Windows 10 for IoT! I purchased the Raspberry Pi 2 as soon as it was released so I could do this when W10 for I0T was released. Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to do that.

    I do have an extra PC sitting around on which I installed W10TP, so that part isn't an issue. Although this is a problem for you, I doubt it is for very many people in general. If someone is wanting to play with W10's IoT, they probably are already using W10 on a PC.
    05-06-2015 01:13 PM
  3. Torcher Death's Avatar
    Well, it is pretty obvious that they would try to promote their products through all means necessary, cause thats what they are supposed to do & thats exactly what they do. Do you see apple on anything but apple ??
    05-06-2015 01:21 PM
  4. manbat3261's Avatar
    I can't fault a company for promoting their products. But Apple is a bad example to compare to. I'm not a big Apple fan, but they are the leader in many areas they have focused on. Microsoft is not.

    Is it so hard to create a disk image to load on an sd card like every other RPi distribution? Microsoft can stick to "exactly what they do" and they continue to ride in the back seat as other, mostly less capable companies, sit in front seat, set the direction, and do all the driving.
    Last edited by manbat3261; 05-06-2015 at 05:04 PM.
    05-06-2015 01:37 PM
  5. grubbyashes's Avatar
    I think it looks interesting. I plan to get a RaPI next week, and I can assure you IoT is the first thing I'm going to try.
    05-06-2015 07:30 PM
  6. Alain_A's Avatar
    what is a RaPi??????????????
    05-08-2015 01:51 PM
  7. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    RaPi is short for Raspberry Pi. It is a small computing device that costs like 35$ that allows people to tinker around with it. The possibilities are limitedless with it (ok maybe not limitless) some examples are like: card readers, smartphone running on a raspberry pi, sensors etc...

    People who buy it usually buy it to tinker around with it and to learn a thing or two about electronics.
    05-08-2015 07:36 PM

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