1. Protocol Rahul's Avatar
    I mean, support for gestures for closing apps, swipe for taskview etc. Since I have a touch enabled laptop, I fancy using mouse while in touch mode occasionally, but I got this habit from win 8, which meant, if I was sitting afar from my laptop, say watching a movie, I could simply use my mouse to swipe away the player to close it. In win 10, swipable gesture using mouse or touchpads aren't available, (what was the point of having gesture eccentric touch pads on laptops anyways?).
    Other feature is snapping apps, now cannot do it with mouse. Yes, some would educate me it is called touch mode for a reason, but it would be nice to use it.
    05-07-2015 10:15 AM
  2. AndyCalling's Avatar
    Sounds like another incomplete area of W10. That will make touch on my PC (which uses touch features through a Logitech T650 pad rather than a screen) impossible. Another reason why W8 is the only option until a proper touch update is released. I don't think W10 is a viable option for those seeking an upgrade from W8. Certainly not if you want to use touch.
    05-08-2015 01:34 PM
  3. Don Geronimo's Avatar
    Snapping apps should still work whether in Tablet Mode or Desktop Mode; I use the far more flexible snapping all the time on my Surface Pro. You would just drag the window to the top (maximize), left, or right. You can then either choose a new app to snap to the other side thanks to task view. While in Desktop mode, though, the swipe down gesture doesn't work to close any app; you'll have to use close on the upper right of each window, or go into the task view to close. The one caveat I have snapping in Desktop Mode is the other snapped app doesn't resize when resizing an app's width or height (yes, height snapping works, too, albeit a little clunkily at the moment), but if you snap the other app after a resize it'll fill. Tablet mode will automatically resize widths.

    I need to test to double check, but I'm 90% sure that while my Surface is in Tablet Mode I've been able to swipe apps down to close using my mouse.

    Edit: I just checked it at home. Turned on Tablet Mode, used my mouse to maximize and snap things (worked as expected), and closed an app by swiping, with my mouse, downwards from the top of the app. Are you sure that Tablet Mode is on when doing the gestures, because they work fine with my Bluetooth mouse.
    Last edited by Don Geronimo; 05-09-2015 at 09:26 PM.
    05-09-2015 08:59 PM
  4. Protocol Rahul's Avatar
    Yes, Earlier I wasn't able to snap using mouse in tablet mode, probably a bug, reinstalled it worked. but my point was not necessary closing or snapping, like the taskview gesture from left using mouse doesn't work, or in general like in win 8 laptops, we used touchpads' gesture i.e. two finger downward gesture to close, 3 finger gesture emulates start+tab, 4 figure upwards gesture emulates alt+tab. Swipe from right on the touch pad to open notification centre, Swipe from left using single finger to fast switch b/w apps. This could come in future builds, but these little things should have been here now.
    05-10-2015 04:17 AM
  5. Don Geronimo's Avatar
    To my knowledge, the gestures with a laptop's touch pad may have been a feature of your drivers on Windows 8.1 rather than a feature of Windows itself; those gestures have never been possible with the touch pad on my touch cover for my Surface Pro, for example. That being said, swiping left to fast switch between apps doesn't work as it does anymore; it'll just pull up the Task View to let you choose an app, instead of cycling, one by one, through open apps. Even if it would work with the touchpad, it wouldn't function as it did anymore.
    05-10-2015 05:19 AM

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