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    So, Windows 10 has been installed, many times, and finally back to 7. In my honest opinion I hope they can get this release stable by July/August. Couldn't get programs that need .Net 3.5 to install without Windows going into a failed booting loop, Safe mode is not only difficult to get into, once you select the option it will never come up (unless your windows is functioning perfectly negating the need for a safe mode). Little things bother me as well such as desktop icons. Why hide it in Theme settings? Same look for the control panel as in 8, basically it seems as it's just a regurgitation of windows 8 and 8.1, but with the option to go into a desktop mode which offers the start button again or tablet mode. I wish these engineers and devs would stop trying to push that Windows 8 idea onto everyone and just make what works - work even better. Yes DirectX 12 is nice, Yes the new Kernel is nice and snappy, but I'm just sick of issues that shouldn't be issues. Windows 7 is still the most flawless platform I've been able to use, coming from OS X and different flavours of Linux (SuSe, Ububtu, etc) it is user friendly, has many easy to get to control pannel options (especially if you choose to have it set to display as a menu) and a safe mode that works unless windows is totally screwed. I know it's still in beta testing and isn't totally polished for users, but these issues are platform oriented and will not be fixed (i.e. safe mode, control panel, etc.) and as for the little things such as pinned taskbar items not functioning properly (i.e. displaying a menu instead of opening), cloned folders in the user folder (i.e. Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents), recent items showing lines of code instead of what the code is supposed to do (like in Windows 7 how you can store most frequently used programs and items in your start menu). Looking at the issues, I think the easiest way to fix it is to go back to when we had Windows for users and NT for business. Instead of looking at it as home users vs. businesses we need to get to people interested in this new user interface and how it works, and everyone else who likes what works and works well. You can still incorporate new technologies in both instead of singling out one over the other (yes I'm talking about DirectX 12 only being available to Windows 10). I know how fast Windows 10 is, I just wish I could see how fast Windows 7 would run if given the new 10.10 vs the 6.1 it runs on. I also don't understand why Microsoft has to re-invent itself every time it has an idea about upgrading a piece of it's platform, Linux has been able to roll out significant updates (like Kernel versions) for existing platforms forever. I think I'd like to have the option to upgrade my OS especially if I like the environment over switching to a completely new interface where things I need are either hidden, non-existent, or don't work. Give us the Windows Store for 7, instead of just apps, let us choose updates like DirectX versions or Kernel updates or anything else. Wishful thinking I know, but I sure wish I could get some vocal time with some of these big-wig brain tankers over at Microsoft so we can get something great instead of something else.
    05-21-2015 01:18 PM
  2. Ed Boland's Avatar
    Best way to get some "vocal time" with Microsoft and their Windows 10 developers is to use their feedback app. That's what this "Insider" program is all about.
    05-21-2015 01:43 PM
  3. Jeremy Fenn's Avatar
    Yeah, I have a few times but the issues I have aren't just bug fixes, I just don't like the way Microsoft engineers are trying to generalize everything in the control panel and take away the functionality of the menu's. Also what's up with the safe mode? I own a computer repair store in a small town and safe mode has been my safe place to fix-up many issues, the fact that it's not even a viable option anymore is so frustrating. I don't understand why we have to take this just roll with it, if we like a certain environment why can't we just keep that and upgrade essentials such as kernel versions, various software titles, and even updates for the platform itself. I think that would be much more innovative than just slapping some large clunky icons, having the face update by themselves, and hiding all the functionality of the OS and calling it a unified interface for multiple devices. I think many people on here would benefit more from multiple OS choices, the one common thing that can unite them all would be the Microsoft Store and the Microsoft ID. You can still have all the sync'd apps and things just from that without having to use a buggy semi-functional platform that most people will still bind to Windows 8 simply on the fact that it still hides the functionality features, customizability and safe-guards (i.e. Safe-Mode). Yes I like the clean layout without the "lickable" graphics in the interface, yes I like the 10.0 kernel which makes it snappy, yes I like the performance and efficiency improvements that directX 12 offers. BUT why do I have to sacrifice control panel menu options, safe mode, customizability, etc. just to get them?
    05-21-2015 03:25 PM

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