1. AndyCalling's Avatar
    I note in the screenshots that there is an option in W10 marked 'Use full screen start when in the desktop'. This seems puzzling to me, as I will want to use the full screen start when on the start screen (of course) but obviously I won't want a full screen start when running the Desktop app. Is it possible to use the start menu when running the Desktop app and still have the full start screen presented when I close it/switch away from it? Much like Win8 (only with the new and improved start menu of course) where I right click on the Windows logo icon to get the start menu and left click it to return to the start screen?

    Thanks for the advice, beta tester chums!
    05-25-2015 08:51 AM
  2. Ed Boland's Avatar
    I'm not quite sure what exactly you're asking, as far as right clicking and left clicking, but in previous builds, there used to be a toggle right on the Start menu where you could switch between full screen Start, or the regular Start menu. They've now moved this setting (in build 10122) to Settings/Personalization/Start.

    Hope this helps..

    05-25-2015 10:59 AM
  3. Don Geronimo's Avatar
    Desktop is no longer a tile/app in Windows 10; UWP/Metro apps and traditionally-desktop apps now coexist together (that is, UWP/Metro Apps and traditionally-desktop apps have windows and toolbar controls when in Desktop mode, and the same apps are run at full screen in Tablet mode without window controls, and App Snapping is available in both modes).

    As such, because it doesn't make sense anymore to have a Start Menu show up differently for traditionally-desktop apps or UWP/Metro Apps, the display of the Start Menu is now dependent on the current mode of the PC, and not on the type of app run.

    The Start Menu will always be full screen in Tablet mode. You will get to choose if you want the Start Menu full screen (Windows 8/8.1-like) or as a menu (Windows 7-like) when the PC is in Desktop Mode.
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    05-25-2015 11:55 AM
  4. AndyCalling's Avatar
    I see. I will mainly be using tablet mode. I hear I can launch multiple desktops though? Can I set one of these desktop instances to run in 'desktop' mode and then when I close it (I must be able to close a second desktop instance I presume?) return to tablet mode? I don't really want to be using tablet mode on the desktop with non-metro apps and I'm trying to work out if Win10 can handle that type of usage yet.

    I need to try to understand how to get the same style of operation across a desktop with T650 touch interface, a Toshiba Encore full windows tablet, a Yoga 2 13 convertible ultrabook, a Lumia 930 and a Lumia 820. I know the phones will be a bit different, but I mention them for a full picture. Win8 does this seamlessly and I'm watching to see if Win10 can get there too.
    05-25-2015 05:27 PM

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