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    This is just an idea a had.
    If you like it, support it on uservoice thread.

    I'll like cortana to give me a comparison table from two Smartphones like the comparison feature in gsmarena(dot)com ( that could be your source ).
    First, it can start with just Lumia Phones, then expand it to all Windows Phone.

    It could also work with others OS, but IMO that could bring problems ( more with the recent philosofy of cloud first, mobile first ). So insted of making available with others smartphones, better make it with other products, like tablets, PC, and laptop ( always that uses Windows ).

    Finally, a very hard task for everyone is to buy a car, because the many options available, that comparison table could make its way until cars, for a more ease choose.

    And one of the MOST IMPORTANT part with this idea is to highlight the range from each product on the top before the table, isn't fair to compare the Lumia Icon with the Lumia 520, so let the users know that comparing apples with pineapples wont give a clear view because they are pointed to different markets and different use and Price tag, for everything -tablets, laptops, PCs, smartphones-

    Example of GSMArena.com table

    For those of you thinking that this equally can be done in the gsmarena web page and doesn't add valeu to cortana i most partially agreed with you, but since the mobile version of gsmarena doesn't support that feature yet, and the wole gsmarena doesn't says anywhere you are viewing a mid-range Smartphone or a low-end or the latest flagship, there is the reason why this idea should be added to the cortana capabilities, and not just for Smartphone ( even when i suggest to limit it just for Windows products ), but tablets, laptops and PCs.

    Vote for this idea if you like here:

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    05-27-2015 12:23 PM

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