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    Hello everyone, after updating the latest build (10158) some of the icons on my taskbar are gone. Icons such as Edge and Music, they are still pinned to the taskbar but they're just blank. As seen in the screenshot below Microsoft Edge is pinned and next to it is the Music app, so it only seems to affects winRT apps.

    I do remember a register hack I tried a few buils ago which removed the square background of the icons, so only the icon was showing. But I can't seem to find it to reverse the changes.

    Edit: when I change the taskbar settings to show small icons they show up again, but changing it back hides them. So all I need is that one little registry hack I had and reverse the changes, but I've been searching for hours now.

    Edit2: I have found the registry hack and have reversed the changes, the background is back but the icons are still not displaying. winbeta[dot]org/news/windows-10-build-10122-how-remove-background-tile-color-taskbar-icons
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