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    I'm a music software developer (instructional software), so sound is vital. Everything worked perfectly in Windows 10 until recently. I start up a program that uses MIDI sound to play exercises, and it works fine the first time I run the program. I quit the app and start it up again, and the program will play one thing, then no more. The only thing that fixes the problem is to not use "midiOutClose" until the app quits, which is bad programming. (Should use midiOutOpen, play whatever, then use midiOutClose each time you play something.) MIDI works perfectly on an external MIDI keyboard--just not using internal Windows 10 sound. I'm using RealTek High Definition Audio on an Inspiron 14z Notebook, 4 GB memory, and did a clean install of the latest Windows 10, so maybe I'm missing a driver or my computer is too old or something? I hope it's that easy, except it worked fine before.
    07-12-2015 02:27 PM

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