1. coffeemike's Avatar
    Existentially, what does it mean to be an Insider?

    Given the facts I think I know:
    * Reservations are made for install on or after July 29th
    * Download and install is staggered (which is frankly smart - ever tried to update iOS on release day? Yikes.)
    * Insiders will be at the front of the reserved queue
    * I have the preview installed on my backup tablet, but NOT on my main Surface Pro 3
    * Even though *I* am an Insider, my *SP3* isn't on an Insider build, and they aren't adding new PCs, so I can't install it now

    am I likely to get Win10 on my SP3 on the 29th, or three weeks later? (am *I* the Insider, or is my *PC* the Insider?)

    I'd ask Gabe on Twitter, but let's be honest, he's busy with more important questions. So I'm crowdsourcing here.

    Thanks, I hope,
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    07-15-2015 06:12 PM
  2. michail71's Avatar
    Guess you must have found out now it seems to have released earlier today to insiders?

    The SP3 is still an unknown. I'd say the insider is the person/pc combo. What would be interesting is if you had the iso, could you install it then grab the RTM? Or did the PC have to exist on Win 10 prior?
    07-16-2015 01:58 AM

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