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    Yep, im getting ready for Win10 install on my Asus vivotab Smart win8.1 Tablet.
    However I would like to clone its hard drive and save it just incase ... im crazy like that.

    Googled around and lots of info on cloning but seems like when it comes to the Windows tablets its very tricky because of UEPI(?-- easus, acronis etc can clone uepi x64 but Windows tablets use uepi 32bit).

    I found one post somewhere about someone trying to do it and it wasnt easy as using a program to clone the drive and then reinstall it... he had to do various workarounds.. and when he finally cloned it , it would not reinstall...

    There is the win8 system image tool... does that work? im sure it Works, but does it do what im looking for.... clone the entire hdd..all programs and files.. save it to an external hdd... and allow me to reinstall the Tablet to 'original' with all programs working, etc.

    anyone has cloning experience or better yet, cloned their Tablet drive (and reinstalled it)... or a link
    07-17-2015 08:10 AM

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