1. Thomas Dewangga's Avatar
    So I found this issue in my second laptop that running W10TP. I have HP as my first, and ASUS as the second one.

    In my ASUS (2nd) I can't booting the laptop without force shut down through hold the power button, because it always stuck at Windows logo. After shutdown and boot again, I succeeded into the lock screen. But it taking too long in the blank screen for almost one minute.

    This issue never happened in my HP laptop.

    I've tried many methods to find this issue, system scan, virus scan, update installed drivers, driver scan (it failed). And for a couple days it work so well and I'm happy for that, no more stuck at booting.

    But the issue come again after many security update for build 10240. The booting is stuck again and BSOD with pfn_list_ corrupted. After restart the laptop I've tried again all the methods that I've did. And then I found so many viruses and malwares from Windows Defender. It's odd for me because it is never happened before, and suddenly of course.

    After the viruses were cleaned, the issue is still persist. I want to reset my laptop from settings/update& security/recovery/reset. Is this necessary to do considering W10 will come in 3 days left?

    I need help because Microsoft community didn't help so well. Please help me...
    07-27-2015 02:18 AM
  2. Guzzler3's Avatar
    You might have a rootkit infection. You'll have to do some research on cleaning it out, but it basically requires a bootable external drive with appropriate cleaning software on it. The other thing you can do is make a bootable Windows install disk, and completely nuke the hard drive (delete all the partitions, fix MBR, etc.) after you backup all your data.

    And/Or you might need a firmware update from Asus.
    07-27-2015 09:30 AM

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