05-05-2016 10:20 PM
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  1. KSilcox's Avatar
    I just got done updating. Took about an hour total and I haven't experienced any problem. Loving the new operating system so far.
    Nice work, Microsoft!
    07-29-2015 12:45 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Saving server space I quoted my self lol. Anyway, had this version running on PC enterprise for more or less two weeks, and this morning surface updated. Happy happy joy joy.
    07-29-2015 01:07 PM
  3. SinfulKnight's Avatar
    It was working, and then I got a failed message. It tells me to restart to apply fixes. I'm trying now.
    07-29-2015 01:19 PM
  4. Rowland Jonathan1's Avatar
    I haven't installed windows 10 yet but planning doing so.I haven't got the upgrade message.So I downloaded the media creation toolx64 and created a iso file.After creating the iso file. The "Upgrade this pc now" is not working in the media creation toolx64.It always displays the error message has"something happened"
    EDIT:Opened the mounted file clicked on setup.exe and boom windows 10 installed without a hitch.I didn't do a clean install as many of them have reported problems with product key activation.
    Last edited by Rowland Jonathan1; 07-29-2015 at 11:42 PM.
    07-29-2015 02:00 PM
  5. tmoore71's Avatar
    The W10 installation went off without a hitch. Funny thing. I was setting up Cortana on the pc, and when I said, "Hey Cortana", my phone which was on the charger next to me said, "Greetings". Thought it was pretty funny. Obviously I was within range for the phone to identify me.
    07-29-2015 02:20 PM
  6. hopmedic's Avatar
    So I was going to use an ISO from MSDN, but as it turns out I am out of DVDs (had one, but it was scratched and wouldn't work). So I redownloaded using the tool from insider.windows.com, creating the jump drive. I wanted a clean install, so I tried a reset in Win8 on my SP3, and it couldn't do the reset.

    I upgraded to Win10, and then did a reset, expecting it to go back to a fresh install of Win10, but no. It went back to 8.1. So now I'm running the Win10 upgrade again (right now downloading the updates). Ugh.
    07-29-2015 02:33 PM
  7. gMaesterUK's Avatar
    I've been stuck at 5.66Gb for the last hour! Come on, I have a 150Mb/s connection idling!

    07-29-2015 03:16 PM
  8. Sawan Tank's Avatar
    Does Genuine Users of W10 get any extra symbol,Logo in when clicking properties on my computer?
    07-29-2015 03:23 PM
  9. azkwp's Avatar
    Can I do a ISO clean install of Windows 10 using a Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro product key?
    07-29-2015 03:40 PM
  10. MatchAttax08's Avatar
    is yours x64 or x86.... Just need to know download size for x64..
    Mine is x64
    07-29-2015 04:22 PM
  11. Isror's Avatar
    Tried to do a clean install with the USB stick I created with the MS Tool, but it won't accept my product key. I purchased Windows 8.1 last year. I have to wait until MS tech support office opens in an hour to figure out what the problem is.

    Edit: Never mind, I see I have to reinstall Windows 8.1 and then upgrade and then do a clean install. Thanks Microsoft. /s
    Be ready for issues still. I called MS and they informed me that there is an outage with the licensing servers, so even after doing the update and install, you may still be seeing that Windows 10 is not activated. they told me to sit tight and wait for 24-48hrs and the licensing should resolve its self.
    07-29-2015 04:45 PM
  12. elcoxx's Avatar
    When is going to be available the official ISO of 10240 for Insiders? I can't find it out in Microsoft site yet. I already have 10240 but I want to do a clean install.
    07-29-2015 04:55 PM
  13. musicnews_jlo's Avatar
    I'm on the upgrading windows screen, your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax, I'm scared the black screen will come because so many people have reported it
    07-29-2015 04:56 PM
  14. Nickkk101's Avatar
    Should I be concerned that the set up screen and associated dialogue is kinda stretched out..? like the resolution needs sorted..? its slightly fuzzy too. The laptop is a 2009 Acer Aspire 5738. W8.1 was pretty sharp on it though not 'HD' by modern standards...
    07-29-2015 05:53 PM
  15. musicnews_jlo's Avatar
    This is so annoying I was on the last page of installation and my battery died and I didn't know and when I turned it back on it returned to 8.1 and i have to star over again great....
    07-29-2015 06:28 PM
  16. joeragan's Avatar
    Just finished upgrading Win 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro using ISO image downloaded via Media Creation Tool from Insider Program. Initially the windows activation failed because the generic product key -3V66T still recorded but after restarted the laptop I see the product key has been changed and I was able to activate it.

    First impression, Windows 10 Pro feels quite heavy especially after a reboot. It takes maybe around 5-6 minutes before all icons in the desktop are fully displaye and I can use my mouse.
    07-29-2015 06:36 PM
  17. jomarr's Avatar
    I think I'm done trying to force update.

    I will just wait for Microsoft to hand it over to me like a kid in a candy store. No more begging. I need my good night sleep.
    slivy58 likes this.
    07-29-2015 06:44 PM
  18. slivy58's Avatar
    Not sure I'm going to continue either, don't think OTA was the best choice as my last two machines had their installs fail during the setup process with retries doing the same, downloaded fine from what I could tell, useless information was provided as to why.
    07-29-2015 06:53 PM
  19. luizioc's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Did someone got the update on Dell Venue 8 Pro?

    Anyone in Brasil get the update?

    Still no sign on my WIndows 10 Desktop with insider 10240 and my Dell V8 Proo with reservation.

    07-29-2015 06:58 PM
  20. Aeosgames's Avatar
    Insiders that want a clean install have to use the "Reset My PC" tool in Settings. Doing it any other way will result in getting an un-activated version of Windows 10
    07-29-2015 08:26 PM
  21. ekiRYL's Avatar
    alreay running Windows 10 on my DELL XPS 15 L502X :)
    07-29-2015 08:30 PM
  22. elcoxx's Avatar
    Insiders that want a clean install have to use the "Reset My PC" tool in Settings. Doing it any other way will result in getting an un-activated version of Windows 10
    ​Yeah but I think this is temporary until Microsoft reopen the Insider program and provides Insider ISOs on its site again.
    07-29-2015 09:29 PM
  23. Ak1n5's Avatar
    I really want to install Windows 10 right away and get it over but so far No Windows 10 for me. The whole rollout in waves kill the excitement for me. Hopefully after July 29 I get it.
    07-29-2015 11:14 PM
  24. jacob103's Avatar
    Me and some friends have been going to this to get the update for Windows 10. http://forums.windowscentral.com/e?l...token=uT0GWMKD

    Hope this helps.
    07-29-2015 11:19 PM
  25. arn6735's Avatar
    it's a smooth upgrade for me for my PC even though its not a high end...
    07-30-2015 12:12 AM
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