1. shoaib9's Avatar
    My Windows 7 is not genuine but I have reserved my copy with the app. Will it be upgraded to Windows 10?
    07-29-2015 04:51 AM
  2. waeras's Avatar
    I've heard both.

    First this, stating you'll get the upgrade but it's still gonna be a non-genuine license:

    "With Windows 10, although non-genuine PCs may be able to upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade will not change the genuine state of the license."
    Source: Microsoft spokesperson to Venturebeat, Microsoft says free Windows 10 upgrades for pirates will be 'non-genuine' and unsupported, stays mum on security | VentureBeat | Business | by Emil Protalinski

    And this, stating you wont get the upgrade at all:

    "While our free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will not apply to Non-Genuine Windows devices.."
    Source: Blogging Windows, Genuine Windows and Windows 10 | Blogging Windows

    Not sure which one is correct though. Hopefully someone else has some more insight.
    07-29-2015 07:26 AM
  3. TheCudder's Avatar
    You should get it, but you will most likely have a watermark over the desktop and probably will keep being reminded that your "Windows installation is not genuine". I'll just say that there are some ways on-line to purchase some rather cheap valid Windows 7 and Windows 8 licenses, then you can upgrade to a Windows 10 install.
    07-29-2015 07:39 AM

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