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    Just did a clean install of Windows 10 RTM and was greeted with a black screen + cursor. Thankfully I figured out the problem (in my case).

    1. I have two monitors (PC monitor + powered down TV) and for some reason Windows 10 defaulted to the wrong one, leaving the other with only a black background + cursor. This was not a problem with neither Windows 7 nor Windows 8/8.1.
    Fix: Pull out the secondary monitor cable

    2. I did not know #1 was the case at first, so I booted from my boot disc and chose to restore my PC. This took forever (45 mins(?) on an SSD), but eventually made me enter windows. It worked fine until I rebooted (and Windows restored the secondary monitor?).

    Just did some more tests and no matter where I put the PC Monitor / TV on the graphics card, the TV always becomes the #1 monitor. I have to go into the display settings to make the PC the primary monitor.
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