1. Kiddo_24's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    Anyone else having an issue similar to the following found a solution yet? Onedrive on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 allowed me to view all my Onedrive files whether they were "available online only" or "available offline only". After upgrading to Windows 10, just a handful of folders appear and the folders display as empty.


    I right-clicked on the folders but there's no option to see "Available Online" or "Available Offline" anymore. All my files appear on Onedrive via the browser so they didn't go anywhere.

    I unlinked my Onedrive through the desktop and removed my PC from the Onedrive website. I signed set them up fresh again. Onedrive Setup Wizard only gives me the option to choose what files to sync or only a few. I would like to sync everything, but that's over 1 terabyte of data that doesn't fit on my 128GB Surface.

    Only the Documents and Music folders show me the folders stored within that folder, and now Onedrive says those can't be synced either. I've installed all necessary firmware updates and fixes after upgrading to Windows 10. I love the UI but no working Onedrive means I'll most likely downgrade until a fix is available.

    Am I the only one with this issue?

    07-29-2015 04:19 PM
  2. jmerrey's Avatar
    I just ran into the same issue. After a search, I discovered this is how it's supposed to act in W10 now. The only files you can view in the file manager are the ones you select to download onto your computer. As you noticed, the files in the cloud are only viewable in the web app. Gigantic step backwards in my opinion. I'm sure someone will give a "logical" reason why, but that doesn't help me.
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    07-29-2015 05:46 PM
  3. Kiddo_24's Avatar
    You're right. Just found out the "confusing" Smart Placeholders were done away with. Now I got to figure out how to manage my OneDrive from my PC without using the browser.

    I'll probably end up relocating my Onedrive to my external hard drive since Surface Pro 3 storage is very limited...

    ​There goes my Windows 10 joy...
    07-29-2015 07:11 PM
  4. thundr51's Avatar
    My biggest problem with 10 so far. I would have thought there would have been a better workable solution than this.
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    07-29-2015 07:48 PM
  5. TooLazyToComment's Avatar
    I'm having this issue too. And if this is really how it's supposed to work now then that's just stupid. How am I supposed to download all the folders on a 32gb tablet?
    07-30-2015 02:25 AM
  6. DayDreaMer459's Avatar
    Surprisingly there were some people who wanted it this way...
    07-30-2015 02:49 AM
  7. Stuart Bruce's Avatar
    You can't relocate OneDrive to a removable drive. Until the most recent builds you could trick Windows 10 into thinking it was a local one by mounting it on your C drive, but that no longer appears to work either. I've got the folder in the right place, but it is read-only and won't let me change the permissions.
    07-30-2015 03:00 AM
  8. NeoDerGrosse's Avatar
    That's ok, but why not having an option to choose wether you want to see placeholders or not.
    07-30-2015 03:05 AM
  9. jmerrey's Avatar
    Yeah it's not great at all. Also, not sure if it's a result of this, but the photos situation is a mess too. The app shows all my photos by date, without folders. I have them in my onedrive all neatly organized. Plus, I can't figure out how to download a picture.
    In addition, I created a folder in my pictures folder called wallpapers, but only the pics are showing up, sorted by date. Am I missing something simple to show folders?
    07-30-2015 02:56 PM
  10. Aaron Walrod's Avatar
    Windows 10 and the OneDrive have taken the trophy from Vista!

    Windows 10 and the new OneDrive are a huge step backwards that reminds of the Vista operating system. I have tried moving everything to an external hard drive that is wireless and after 4 weeks every time I start my Surface Pro 3 I have to re-set where the OneDrive is looking to download my files if I forget to plug it in. I still don't have everything downloaded. It has started over so many times Windows 10 has been for me as frustrating an experience as Vista. If anyone at MS is reading you created another Vista. Terrible decision making! In fact any decision maker should be fired just like they do in sports with GM's who spend and don't get results.

    In addition my linked spreadsheets that use to work on OneDrive no longer operate together. It is like the old SkyDrive is back which I used for storage only because of how I use my office suite. I have found that OneDrive for Business is still functioning "normal" but my guess is that it shouldn't be long before MS destroys that and leaves me completely hanging. I am gradually moving everything from my OneDrive to OneDrive for Business because it still works.

    You should see the system tray every day I get hundreds of sync errors. I have never seen so many. Crazy thing is I know how to name my files.

    W10 is Vista all over. W10 is Vista all over. Did I make it clear that W10 is Vista all over?

    In my opinion 8.1 was the first step in the right direction and W10 was MS being scared of success and needing that feeling of failure so they pushed W10 onto the market to get that negative vibe back. This weekend I am dumping W10 and upgrading to 8.1.

    It seems that MS can only keep something functional for a couple of years and then they need to destroy it for those who don't really understand computing in the first place. I don't know who would want Windows 10 and OneDrive like it is now. Those who don't know how to use computers? Those who use their computers like a typewriter?

    Thanks MS for stealing my time, for stealing trust in your product. MS has stolen more money from it's customers once again. Gates how much is enough for you and your minions to fail and make money? I get it fail to the top.

    One more thing W10 has motivated me to speak up. This is my second terrible review of W10 and it will continue. Everyone I know who has a Surface I have told not to upgrade to W10 and they are listening to me. Those who have older OS's I am telling the same thing.

    Yes the marketing is true people are talking about how terrible W10 is and how much it is like Vista. A TERRIBLE SYSTEM.
    09-02-2015 01:35 AM

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