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    Hi all...a few questions....

    Since I was already at build 240 on the preview, can I assume that I won't have to do any further upgrades? 240 is RTM and should be the same release as the official today...correct? Windows Update says I am up to date.

    If that is the case, I was wondering why I have these two folders both created today:
    C:\$Windows.~BT (976kb)
    C:\$Windows.~WS (5.76GB)

    Should I keep these folders around or do you think it is safe to delete?

    I have already created an ISO via this link:

    So I should be good to go...or at least I think so. I guess as long as I have my Win 8.1 key I should be OK for future clean installs.

    One thing I did notice from using Produkey, was that my original Win 8.1 key was there but there is also a Windows 10 key that is different. I guess we are getting new Windows 10 keys if we upgraded???

    Thanks for any info!!!
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