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    I have a Asus T100TA convertible.
    I have since 4 days the get windows 10 app, i activated the reservation and in my windows update screen was this mentioned as windows 10 reserved.

    Now yesterday i was to curious, and i wanted to force the upgrade because i didnt got a notification for upgrade, so i forced the upgrade with the command in command prompt to download the upgrade, my pc downloaded the upgrade successful, but i couldnt upgrade because of the missing boot.wim file...

    I searched the net, and i came to the conclusion that this was not the correct way to force the upgrade...
    So i decided to delete the 2 $windows BT and WS maps, but now in my windows update i dont have the notification of the windows 10 reservation...
    I still have the get win10app...

    I also tried with the tool of microsoft to force the upgrade, but i have an error of "there is something happened"...

    What shall or can i do now ?

    Thanks in advance!
    07-30-2015 01:46 AM

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