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    Ok so i have a laptop with decent specs that has windows 8.1. I had recorded my windows 10 download and it came to yesterday and it didnt download. I found out it would take some time for it to come up and I would have to wait a bit longer. I decided to try and become an insider as builds are good now. So this was loading and then on winbeta I was a news article saying how to force the reordered download so yay. At this point I think it had finished downloading but I cancelled the tab and never finished it.

    In order to force the download I had to use the command promt and enter a code. I did this and it stared downloading. I have left it ages now and what happened it said at the end on the windows update page on the control panel one more thing needed to be checked. So I continued onwards and nothing happened. I then decided to restart my computer. After I did this on Windows update it says there are no more updates and on my update history it says windows 10 Home failed and it has this a few times on the list. I dont want to use the command prompt again for it to only do the same thing again. It takes to long to download on my wifi and I will probably pull my hair out if It failed again.

    I know there have been report of other people having different problems. Does anyone know what I should do I really want windows 10/. I dont mind windows 8 but the new one is so much better.
    07-30-2015 11:43 AM

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