1. MKairys's Avatar
    I set my live tiles up as wide or large, and none were live. Not even Calendar or Mail. I resized them to medium and they all woke up. Even Store and Maps went live.

    So: my live tiles are only live when sized medium, they are dead when sized larger. Any suggestions? Anyone else?

    Surface Pro 3, docked w/ 2 monitors...
    07-30-2015 10:51 AM
  2. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    Lotta bugs out there. When I try unpin a tile, they don't disappear till I restart my laptop. Yesterday, edge browser was working really good today is crap! Actually, internet explorer not working any good at all either. They both keep saying that the websites are not responding.
    07-30-2015 10:56 AM
  3. k72's Avatar
    Mine quit working at all no matter what size they are. They worked yesterday, but today, nothing.

    Also, all of the Edge tiles I pin to the start menu show up boring blue with the edge logo. They have the option for live tile, which is on, but it doesn't do anything. I wish they at least had the favicon on them and a different color. Right now, Windows Central looks the same as the Facebook tile. The only one so far that has looked different was when I pinned a page from the Microsoft Store website.
    07-30-2015 05:34 PM
  4. Blkacesvf41's Avatar
    After I did a restart, everything went back to working flawlessly including the Edge browser.
    08-01-2015 03:50 PM
  5. manomic's Avatar
    Check if you used a custom scaling. Set the scaling from the settings app if possible. Else the tiles stop working.
    k72 likes this.
    08-03-2015 09:14 PM
  6. MKairys's Avatar
    Check if you used a custom scaling.
    Holy $&*%, that appears to be it. What a #@$%#$& regression. I'm docked with two 1600x1200 monitors and I absolutely cannot run at anything other than 110%, like I have since Win XP.

    I had it good with 8.1. I had my live tiles like news and weather up on the Surface while I worked on my desktop on the two monitors, and no problem with scaling. Now even if my live tiles worked, I can't have them to look at while I'm also working on the desktop.

    (If someone can suggest a channel to MS I will gladly give them this feeback FWIW)
    08-05-2015 08:42 AM
  7. manomic's Avatar
    well it doesn't stop with tiles, the Onedrive app as well crashes every time, for some custom scaling settings...
    08-05-2015 01:48 PM

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