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    While I'd agree that, based on Ducky's "Mac people like to play games" comment, he really doesn't know much about Macs, I'll say the same thing about you and your Windows 10 experience level. To say that it's "only suitable for desktop PCs" is ludicrous. It shifts seamlessly between desktop and tablet modes, and it's infinitely configurable in either realm. I'd recommend that you dig deeper in your attempts to customize the Win10 OS experience that works best for you before you ban it solely to the desktop.

    Finally, what exactly makes one an "extremely professional" person, as opposed to a professional who's not quite qualified to be labeled a pro in the "extreme" sense, LOL?
    Windows 8 received many criticisms, especially about the removal of Start menu. In Windows 8 era, touchscreen isn't popular yet. To say Windows 8 was intended to run on Surface is to ignore the 1 billion unequivocally desktop devices that got the update to Windows 8, and focus on a then nonexistent device category that later became the well known Surface line. This forced Microsoft to go back to desktop-designed.

    The big mistake of Windows 8 was force it on the large swathes of users that didn't have hardware to capitalise on it. The simple fact that a lot of people had to google how to shut down the computer proved that point. They also ended up using 3rd party Start menu programs such as Classic Shell.

    I already have a post about Windows 8 UI problems.
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    7) Tablet mode- a good idea with terrible execution. Tablet mode was designed to make the operating system easy to use on touch screen devices. While it helps, its extremely frustrating and seemingly incomplete. Windows that open, such as edge browser dont have minimize or maximize options, and hardly ever display tue close window option. I get this is where task view comes in, but its unnecessary to make things that complicated. Solution? Allow tablet mode to function EXACTLY like the start screen in 8.1... Enables charms bar, swipe up to see all apps, start menu scrolls horizontally.
    =>Similar to Windows 8/8.1, minimize/maximize option isn't present in tablet mode (but in Windows 8.1 update 1 unless you don't have a touchscreen). Also you've to drag from the top to close a UWP app.

    6) Desktop mode....why is this even a thing? Creating a shortcut for an app or program to the desktop is extremely difficult, and once done, the icons looks ridiculous, and again, unfinished.
    =>Just drag anything from the Start menu to desktop to create a shortcut like you can do in previous versions of Windows.

    3) Round profile picture- again, with everything being squared, why are there round profile pictures? They're so small in most places (start menu and edge browser) that you can hardly even make then out. On top of that, they often appear misplaced.
    =>Who cares? You can also see round profile photo in Facebok, Twitter, new/Material Design version of YouTube, etc.

    2) white backgrounds in all system menus..... Why....
    =>What's wrong? We ever have the white context menus since Windows 1.01!
    04-13-2019 09:35 AM
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    First of all Windows 10 is worse than a train wreck! And I do not care if anyone thinks I am being unfair, And I do not care if anyone thinks I am exaggerating! First of all! There is no start menu in Windows 10 at all! It is only a miniature version of Windows metro that people hated in Windows 8/8.1! And on top of their being no start menu, You can no longer pick and choose what updates you want! And you can't turn updates off! This will be a huge problem for many users when they are forced to receive a update that has a huge conflict with their hardware! That was the whole point of being able to pick and choose what updates you wanted before! Because time and time again: Microsoft has released updates that cause problems with some people's hardware "causing crashes and blue screens! I suppose Microsoft now thinks this will just magically no longer happen? And also the Keylogger that they told you time and again was not a big deal, The same keylogger that was just supposed to help with feedback in the preview version! But now it is in the final version! And it is amazing how reviewers have never mentioned a word about the keylogger still being in the final version! Once hackers finally exploit the keylogger many people are going to be very unhappy! Because the hacker will have every bit of knowledge about you that it records! And it records absolutly everything! Your pin numbers, And a huge amount of other personal and private data. But if a hacker steals all your savings from you bank account because of the keylogger? Don't worry! Because you are just being a conspiracy theorist! And another feature with Windows 10 is Microsoft wants you to share your WiFi password! Yeah forget about the meaning of having a password on your WiFi in the first place! Lets just pretend that password is not for security! Lets just pretend it is only for logging in and sharing! You do not want to be a conspiracy theorist right? Who cares if some creepy person uses your WiFi right? If you worry about some creepy person getting you in trouble, by doing illegal things on your WiFi, You are just being a conspiracy theorist! But all jokes aside! Windows 10 is a huge disaster! And Windows 10 is a bigger failure than Windows 8/8.1! As a matter of fact Windows 8/8.1 is a much more desirable OS than Windows 10!
    There's a Start menu you blind! You can disable update using Winaero Tweaker! Also Google also tracking you too!
    04-13-2019 10:00 PM
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