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08-05-2015 12:43 PM
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  1. HelmutsKohl's Avatar
    Even on my desktop device, I prefer Apps in many cases. Especially in case of applications by developers I can't really trust it is a big plus that I can see if they get access to my location, internet connection, personal documents, etc. Since I heard about the trojans people were infected because of the FlashGet Download Manager that I used as well, I am thankful for the sandboxed platform.
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    08-03-2015 12:35 AM
  2. AgentSplurge's Avatar
    Most of the time on my laptop I'm in Firefox or emails if I'm working. I don't use my laptop for much more other than internet research, informational purposes. Some times office products and downloading music to put on my phone. I do use the One Note app, that's useful as it syncs to my phone. Now and then I'll use the Skyscanner app or the Rightmove app as they are better than using the website, but not that often. For things like eBay and Facebook though, I stick to Firefox. I don't watch movies or play games on the laptop.

    On my tablet I use Netflix probably 70% of the time, IE 20% of the time then the other 10% I occasionally use Office or the desktop for file transfer. I have a few games installed, but never play them on the tablet. I have a few apps installed like Facebook that I use now and then as part of that 10% but sometimes I find it's easier to use the browser than having loads of apps installed, like the eBay app seems a bit pointless.

    On my phone it's slightly different. I use mostly apps. WhatsApp, Messeges, Cortana, News, Weather, Here Drive, 6Tag,One Note, Facebook, Baconit. I have lots more apps installed on my phone, but still, I have the ones I need and don't really install new ones often. On the phone eBay is better to use the app. The only one missing is SnapChat.

    Over all I think I'll use apps a bit more on the laptop as they improve in quality, but still most of my time I'll still be in the web browser. On the tablet I don't have much need for apps, but it's nice to have them available. Phone, I use apps quite a bit, but don't find there is an 'App Gap' that much any more, just need SnapChat so that I'm not left out, but I use apps much more often.
    08-03-2015 04:24 AM
  3. eigenscape's Avatar
    There really is no reason to use apps on a computer.

    On a computer, the web browser is far superior to apps. Apps are only valuable on mobile because the web browser is awful on mobile.

    In fact, the origin of apps is basically a fluke birthed from the fact that the web browser experience on iPhone sucks compared to a desktop computer. If mobile web browsers were as good as desktop web browsers, there would never have been apps as people would just use the web browser without problems.

    In terms of Microsoft's strategy of universal apps, I don't think it will necessarily fail. I think it can pay off in the very long run, because universal apps work seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile, so have the potential to surpass traditional desktop programs (now called "desktop apps"). But in the short run, they usually don't have as much features as the web browser version or desktop programs.
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    08-03-2015 09:58 AM
  4. iamtim's Avatar
    There really is no reason to use apps on a computer.
    That's odd, I thought there were at least a couple of responses in this thread which showed reasons to use them. My bad, I guess those of us who have reasons to use apps on a computer are just plain wrong.
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    08-03-2015 11:02 AM
  5. TheCudder's Avatar
    There really is no reason to use apps on a computer.
    I'd have to disagree whene it comes to apps in Windows 10. With the new UI direction, apps actually make sense on the Desktop.

    Mail, provides a lightwight and easy to use mail experience that allows you to manage multiple mail accounts from a single location and receive notifications from the Action Center --- not every one needs full-featured Outlook capabilities at home.
    MSN News, USA Today, provide news alerts via the Action Center, headlines display within tiles and a fast and customizable exerpience.
    WatchESPN, Netflix, each provide a fast exerpience, dedicated media controls at the OS level and a dedicated window for watching sports and/or movies in full screen or snapped windows without interferinng with your web browsing experience --- no need to worry but ad's, browser-add on issues, browser crashes or accdiental page refreshes.
    MSN Weather current weather is displayed right in my start menu and full weather details are just a click away without having to open a browser, visit a site and enter a city or zip code.
    Rhapsody, again I receive dedicated media controls at the OS level to control streaming music and a better overall experience. No websites to open, no wasted tab in my browser and no going through a tab to change a track or pause playback --- I just hover my mouse over the Rhapsody app and click pause & skip. I really hope to see Rhapsody update to a Windows 10 univeral app, I also hope to see Spotify & Pandora create apps.
    Wundrlist allows for me to quickly jump into my 'Lists' to add items without opening a website.

    In general, apps tend to have a small footprint, open really fast & provide quicker access to information and a richer/better performing experience. Additionally, apps have the ability to offer more features than a web site can in some cases. It really all comes down to what you do on a computer and what services you use. For some things, a website, makes sense --- for example, I really don't see myself ever using the Windows Centreal app on a Desktop computer, the web browser works extremely well with their website. But I would much rather access Flickr, Instagram, streaming media sites and Calendars through an app for the richer experience.
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    08-03-2015 11:58 AM
  6. MikeSo's Avatar
    I disagree that desktops don't need apps. Clearly, many things are better in dedicated applications (we used to call them "programs") than on a website.
    However, yes, there is less need for them. Then again, that's all about what people are used to. If the apps really are better than the website, they will use them. The live tiles, if used right, are an advantage over websites, for example.

    In some ways, apps make MORE sense on a computer. On a cellphone, they take up limited space, they take up data when installing over cellular, they use battery when running in the background. A well designed mobile site is often preferable.
    These issues don't really exist on a PC, where space is usually abundant, data is usually free, and the PC is usually plugged in anyway. A website is great, especially from a developer's POV, but to say that it's the be all and end all of desktop computing doesn't seem right.
    08-03-2015 11:59 AM
  7. RefractedPaladin's Avatar
    At first I was skeptical I ever would but as I'v used it I am noticing that I do a little more. It's almost a muscle memory thing though, for me to open the weather or Twitter app versus quickly type "twi + tab + enter" :)
    Of course Tablet mode I seem to use them much more often for what that's worth.
    08-03-2015 12:56 PM
  8. anon(5518418)'s Avatar
    For me I find it just easier going to the websites. I did try apps but I found the same issue as I did with the windows phone version not very good compared to their iOS counterparts.
    08-03-2015 01:23 PM
  9. Grimlock's Avatar
    I was definitely an app hater in the desktop space, but W10 has done a good job of making SOME of them useful on my desktop pc. I don't think I'll ever download a third party app, but I do find the first party apps to be pretty good now (weather, calendar, and mail). Maybe when photos and the audio/video app improve I'll use those too.
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    08-03-2015 01:58 PM
  10. Tsang Fai's Avatar
    Technically there is no difference between desktop program and apps. They are both programs.

    From user point of view, having a centralized store to download/purchase quality programs is very beneficial. Apps are easy to install/uninstall.

    I believe there will be more desktop-like programs being ported to / developed in Windows Store as "apps". Office Mobile is a good example set by Microsoft.
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    08-03-2015 04:36 PM
  11. taymur's Avatar
    I use apps alot. I like them because generally they are faster, provide notifications, you can fast switch between them. Very neat
    08-03-2015 04:43 PM
  12. masshuu's Avatar
    I did in 8.1, but it drove me mad that they were full screen and would lose their place in music/video/anything of you alternated to another.
    Now in 10 I use loads, in stand alone windows metro apps are fantastic, on touchscreen anyway, I don't know what it would be like if you had a mouse.
    08-03-2015 05:29 PM
  13. Singhonline's Avatar
    There is no threat of virus from these modern apps, which comes from official store.
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    08-03-2015 10:15 PM
  14. mj0's Avatar
    The only app I use on my convertible is Netflix because for some reason, the website is too slow to use. As soon as they fix the website that app will be gone as well. Other than that I see absolutely no point in using them on a desktop/laptop for myself. With Windows 8.1 this was due to the fact that they were full screen only, with Windows 10 and windowed apps that might change eventually, who knows. Right now though nada, no need. Infact I even went as far as uninstalling the apps that came preinstalled with Windows 10 because I have no need for them, and they tend to clutter up the start menu
    08-04-2015 01:33 AM
  15. Tsang Fai's Avatar
    There is no threat of virus from these modern apps, which comes from official store.
    This is indeed an important consideration for users. There are tons of desktop programs on the internet and many of them seem to be very useful - but the main problem is that users are afraid of getting viruses and malwares.

    An official, centralized store eliminates worries of users. In the long run, Windows Store should not only offer lightweight apps but also more sophisticated, desktop-like programs. The need for productive programs is always there. They will not die.
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    08-04-2015 02:15 AM
  16. estidi's Avatar
    I use mail and calendar all the time, mytube only on my 2-in-1 laptop (I prefer using the website on desktop, easier to navigate with mouse), onenote (never used the office version, but now I can't let go of the app).

    I agree with this. I thought for sure everyone hated touchpads as much as I did and would move to touch screens as soon as they could. I personally will never go back to non-touch laptop as long as there are touch-screen alternatives. It doesn't seem to have really caught on though, and I can't figure out why.
    My Asus transformer has a really good touchpad (pretty large size, never missed a gesture) and sometimes I miss it when I use tablet mode (three fingers tap to search and four fingers tap to switch apps is very useful; in tablet mode I have to use a lot of hand movements).
    08-04-2015 04:12 AM
  17. rhapdog's Avatar
    I use apps on a regular basis. Well, not in 8.1 so much, but on 10, yes. The windows mode makes them much more usable. When using a 24" or larger monitor, you've just got to be able to arrange windows on a screen with multiple apps.

    For those of you saying, "I don't need an app, I just need a browser." Edge is an app. Once it has plug-in support, it will be unbeatable as a browser experience. But it is still just an app. Know what that means? More secure. Sandboxed. Viruses can't escape and get to the rest of your system, unless you save them somewhere and then run them. Some people never learn. ;)
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    08-04-2015 12:11 PM
  18. Maja Adamson's Avatar
    like imstagram
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    08-04-2015 12:55 PM
  19. monterxz's Avatar
    The only desktop apps I used on Windows 8 on my Surface Pro were Photoshop and Illustrator. I loved modern IE full screen mode. Now taskbar eats some vertical space along with tabs and address bar. The same with Skype, desktop version just does not fit the scree when touch keyboard is opened. Hope they will fix it soon, meanwhile I'm using web skype in Edge without ability to call because desktop IE it won't lift input field above the touch keyboard even in tablet mode.
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    08-05-2015 09:57 AM
  20. labsii's Avatar
    In general, there are lot of reasons to use the apps. But for the biggest part it is safety.

    If you are installing app from the unknown source, it is not wise to trust it. Actually, most of the 'free' classic apps come bundled with some unwanted software that might be hard to get rid of, or even it might be the integral part of the app doing something in the background. They might do bit coin mining for the owner, adware, spam senders, whatever... All of this is impossible with Windows Store apps.

    And even classic apps from regular sources may slow down the PC significantly - again impossible with Store apps.

    For Twitter of Facebook, it is simple - if you use them in browser then you are logged in and they can track you easily wherever you go. Much harder with apps. And also there is sharing of links from Microsoft Edge.

    Finally, there are apps that are the best of their kind. Most of them are paid, which shouldn't be a surprise. I can claim such thing for one my app, Share to Speech, but there are more of them. Previously it was the best to track them with 'top grossing', but current Store doesn't have that, you can try with 'top paid' though it is easier to artificially pump up the score there and some apps do that regularly.
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    08-05-2015 12:43 PM
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