1. gedmurphy's Avatar
    Is anyone else having problems seeing their online music collection from Groove?

    When Microsoft allowed streaming from OneDrive, I uploaded my entire music collection and started using this service. Everything worked great on Win8.1 with Xbox Music. Now on Groove I can only see 24 (out of 500+) when I use the 'On OneDrive' filter. There's nothing special about these albums, so I don't know why it's only limited to these.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with this ridiculous policy of no longer allowing placeholders in OneDrive and forcing people to do selective sync?
    I can't sync my music folder locally as I don't have enough space on my hard disk (that's the whole point of cloud storage.....)

    07-31-2015 04:41 AM
  2. ygtgngr's Avatar
    Groove doesn't use my Music Pass too. I cannot stream music.
    07-31-2015 04:42 AM
  3. sugarbowl's Avatar
    groove is working well for me with one drive music and my music pass. Click the gear icon and make sure you are signed in.

    i am not syncing my music folder thru the one drove app. Are you syncing that folder and maybe you dont have enough space ? just guessing.
    07-31-2015 05:50 AM
  4. gedmurphy's Avatar
    I'm not synching anything in onedrive - (removing placeholders has killed onedrive for me).
    I expected Groove to pick up my music collection without having to sync, the same way xbox music on win8.1 and windows phone does.
    07-31-2015 06:55 AM
  5. Robholden's Avatar
    Worked well for me. As soon as it signed in it started loading the songs that were sync with my account and those that are in onedrive, even gave me a report that some of the songs are duplicates...
    07-31-2015 09:31 AM
  6. instantcoffe's Avatar
    "To play some of the songs in this playlist, you'll need a Groove Music pass"

    And the songs are from of my CD rips of so many years ago (Dry the rain from Beta Band and Strange Days from The Doors).

    The songs are greyed out and the app refuses to play them (used to play fine on Xbox Music and on my phone)

    Edit: turns out it was only bad links from older playlists, guess the songs have changed folders over the years or something. I could manually add each of the missing tracks (there were way more that had broken links) and now all is fine. I'm really starting to enjoy Groove Music. Simple and you can drag your songs pretty much anywhere. Way easier to make playlists then before!
    Last edited by instantcoffe; 07-31-2015 at 03:37 PM.
    07-31-2015 02:14 PM
  7. Michael Bromley's Avatar
    is your collection in the cloud or local? The only way I can get Groove to show my playlists, which are in my Music collection on OneDrive is to sync that folder to the local OneDrive folder. But they show up greyed out. I tried changing the file path in the playlists to OneDrive, but that didn't work (ex: C:/.../.../OneDrive/Music ). When I click on properties it shows song title but not other metadata, which wouild normally be there in WMP.
    Any thoughts?
    08-07-2015 03:15 PM

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