1. Kryz2104's Avatar
    Can I upgrade my Win7 with GeForce 7100/NVIDIA nForce 630i. to Win10?
    07-31-2015 06:51 AM
  2. Megateck Pc Services's Avatar
    No upgrade to windows 10 - GetForce drivers only support up to win8 so far - you could try upgrading Video card(graphics cards ) if you have a free pci express graphics card slot.
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    08-04-2015 06:19 PM
  3. pankaj981's Avatar
    Yes you can safely. Windows 7 and 8.1 drivers work well with 10
    08-04-2015 06:30 PM
  4. jpolous's Avatar
    I had a similar problem with my PC. It has an embeedded NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i card. I figured there had to be a fix.

    I have two video cards, so I was able to get Win10 64 bit nstalled by disabling the on-board video and using only an addon card.
    Then I downloaded the NVIDIA drivers for Windows 8 64 bit. I extracted the files and shut down the computer. I reneabled the onboard video in BIOS. Windows detected it as a basic driver, but it wouldnt work. I right-clicked the setup for the Windows 8 64 bit drivers, and set compatibility mode to Windows 8. Then I installed the driver. it asked to reboot, I clicked reboot later. In Device Manager, I noticed that it showed the correct driver, but it had the yellow exclamation. I disabled it. Again click reboot later. Then enabled it. and suddenly the monitor plugged into the onboard came to life.

    Good luck. I hope this works for you.
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    08-13-2015 10:53 PM
  5. Symon Ball's Avatar
    No you can't.
    sadly this graphics hardware is now very old OVER 10 years. As such it is no longer supported by NVDIA.
    BEST solution is to buy a new PCI express slot graphics card that will work with your PC & Win 10
    08-21-2015 03:13 PM
  6. Spectrum90's Avatar
    I'm using the Windows 8 drivers for an old nvidia card without problems.
    08-21-2015 04:28 PM
  7. mj0's Avatar
    You should be able to. I was even able to install a 2008 Vista driver for a GeForce Go 6100 GPU on Windows 10 and just yesterday hacked a much more recent Windows 8.1 driver to run just fine with that officially unsupported GPU (see http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ml#post3203939).

    For you, the latest Windows 8.1 driver for this card should work just fine and if not do what I did and install Windows Vista or 7 drivers, they should run just fine.
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    08-22-2015 07:20 AM
  8. Stephen Edwards2's Avatar
    After reading a few posts, I tried downloading the Win 7/8 driver directly from NVIDIA. It works fine on Win 10. Glad it was so easy and that I'm not tossing the pc or getting new video card.
    12-13-2016 11:53 PM
  9. badelhas's Avatar
    Can I upgrade my Win7 with GeForce 7100/NVIDIA nForce 630i. to Win10?
    I think that you can use the 8 drivers. Try them.

    12-14-2016 03:13 AM
  10. orlbuckeye's Avatar
    I have a laptop with a Nvidia 7600 and when I attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 I got a message that Nvidia doesn't support and doesn't plan to support my graphics card for Windows 10. The upgrade stopped and I remained at Windows 7.
    12-15-2016 02:11 PM

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